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    @DenValdron – I have wasted far too much time on TVTropes. It’s bad when you realise that tropes from the site, like “Crapsack World” and “Narm” have entered your day to day vocab, and nobody else has a clue what you’re talking about.

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    @Phaseshift @Bluesqueakpip – It’s interesting actually, that with Clara appearing at all the points in the Doctor’s timeline, and the GI attempting to make changes to all of his adventures, that neither of them appear to have encountered the War Doctor – is that because he only exists within the Time War, which is time locked? Or is the original…[Read more]

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    @All – very much enjoying everyone’s thoughts on the time war. I watched the episode for the second time tonight and think I’ve changed my mind on my earlier reservations about the time war as shown being a bit too shooty compared to my own preconception.

    Actually, I got so inspired reading everyone’s thoughts at work that I wrote this load of…[Read more]

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    @All – discussions of the Time War here have been very interesting so far. I must admit I have revised my initial feeling that the war, as depicted, was a bit too shooty in light of people’s comments here. The Daleks do love a bit of the old up-close-and-personal, so yeah.

    Actually, reading everyone’s comments has inspired me to write load…[Read more]

  • Apologies for the length of this, had a brain vomit at work today and had to get this out:

    A survey of peculiar relics of the so-called “Time War”, by William F Kaplan-Singhala, Professor of Applied Xenoarchaeology, University College of New London. First published in Granta! Magazine, 45 April 2,004,234 CE

    Among some of the less learned peo…[Read more]

  • @FatManInABox Y’know, as the war doctor was regenerating I really thought he was going to appear, and then.. Denied. The production team did their best to make it look good, though.

    The effects in this were really great actually. I liked that they kept the bluescreen stuff away from the acting – it can be horribly distracting when someone is…[Read more]

  • @PhaseShift I’ve read a few bits of Neil Perryman’s blog, and (sycophantic commenters aside) it has some amusing bits. Bit of a shame that the Guardian has gone with that as their blog though. I hope there will be a proper blog/review tomorrow.

    I’m amazed to see that there are people commenting on there that claim not to have enjoyed it. What one…[Read more]

  • Well. That was all sorts of awesome! So many little things to love – Capaldi and Baker cameos! John Hurt! Zygons!

    Seriously, though. Ecclestone couldn’t swallow his pride for one day in the studio? Ah well, at least the chain of regenerations is unbroken now.

    There were some bits that niggled, e.g: the time war involving anything as mundane as…[Read more]

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    Hi all.

    I haven’t posted for a while due to personal circumstances (new job etc.), but have still been checking and reading the site.

    I checked the site yesterday at work and saw the sad news. In the midst of feeling very sad, I had an idea, and I hope it will be taken in the spirit that it’s given, which is one of remembrance and celebration of…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure what I can add that others haven’t already said, but I’m very sad to hear the news of @HTPBDET‘s death, and I feel very lucky to have read the wonderful stories of his life that he posted here. I’ll miss him.

  • Has anyone else been watching Top Of The Lake?

    The wife and I have been absolutely engrossed in it since watching the first four episodes in a row a couple of weeks ago. The characters are so well drawn, the […]

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    @JimTheFish – Also factoring in demographic changes – as a 10 year old in 1963 your granddad was probably in his late 50s, but people have been having kids later and now he’s more likely to be in his 70s.

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    @wolfweed Oxford bags, genuine andean poncho and boots like Dave Hill from Slade

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    Well, the live show was every bit as pants as I expected. Hope it doesn’t become a regular thing, and I’m guessing it was only made because Ian “bloody” Levine spoiled the surprise regeneration.

    Pretty happy […]

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    @Shazzbot – I guess I mean that, however alien the Doctor might be, he is still, like all organisms, compelled to pass on his genes, and I’m not saying that I need that to be shown in a human, boy girl love story […]

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    Congratulations to your youngest on his upcoming nuptials! I hope it doesn’t come across too badly if I say I have been worrying since your last blog that something awful would happen to your youngest fledgling – […]

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    Oh.. Glad as I am that the announcement is going to be made, I think I may skip the live extravaganza. Half an hour’s build up to either “Oh, Him/Her?” or “Who?” is not my idea of great TV.

    Think I can get […]

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    “What do you mean we still need him to shoot the Christmas Special? Oh. Regeneration scene. Yeah. Do we still have that Colin Baker wig in the cupboard?”

  • Hi @JimTheFish

    Really enjoyed the second part – Especially how you condensed everything that happens in the 100,000 BC serial into a single scene – we see that the Doctor has little concern for humans and is […]

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