Crazy Captions 45



  1. ‘…And so the Director’s Cut of TDOTD features the ‘Narcissistic Shipping’ subplot, where the Dr marries himself, only to elope with his other other self, declaring: ”I can’t stand the Hurt!” ‘

  2. “I don’t know what we can do!”
    “I’m out of ideas too!”
    “Only one man can help us now!”
    “Please Moff – save us, save us!!”
    “Yes Moff – only you can save us!”
    “Save us Save us Save us….”

    – said Moffat playing with his dolls.

  3. SM: Mwuhuhuh My plan to remake The Faceless Ones has unexpectedly useful side effects. Now if I can just apply the process to those pesky classic Doctors that keep running about…

  4. like bluesqeakpip said, but with my own little touch! finally doctors! I have you in my grasp. now give me the keys to the tardis so I can go back in time and my future wife all 0ver again!

  5. I warned you about the Master’s tissue compression eliminator.  Did I not WARN you about about the Master’s tissue compression eliminator??!!


  6. Even I can’t get the rare collectible figures! One of you will have to pretend to be the monster.

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