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    @Blenkinsopthebrave *waves back*

    Talalay post – I agree (and apologies for it posting with the full length preview* (I just begin to think I’ve got the hang of this posting thing, then that happens!)). I love her direction (like Camfield, it’s got a flair, expertise and depth, that adds to the storytelling).

    Must go and check out the Crusade…[Read more]

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    Thanks @Pedant, on point as usual.

    I’ve particularly noticed the sudden proliferation of toxic YouTube videos that keep popping up in the “suggestions” bit. I wish I knew how to stop them. YT used to be a fun […]

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    Just popped in as I came across this tonight. Director Rachel Talaley in session at Gallifrey One, talking about making Heaven Sent. She posted this – a breakdown of her first impressions of, and notes about, the first scene. For those of us who like the technical behind the scenes (and sofa) insider view, it’s fascinating. So…[Read more]

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    Thanks for that summary @Blenkinsopthebrave

    I remember The Crusade making an impact on me at the time as a little un (and you’re right about Douglas Camfield. His direction work turns up in a lot of 60s/early series, and it’s always notable)

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    @Thane16 – Happy to offer any cooking tips I can, Puro and Thane, tho it may not go further than – make sure you take the giblets out! As @idiotsavon (hi back) says – melted plastic is not a recommended seasoning! (Been there, done that too, I try to stick to garlic now 😉 )

    @JanetteB Sorry about the cinema disaster, but sounds like you made the…[Read more]

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    Have to say, I like the move to New Year’s Day. There’s only so many Christmas themed stories you can do without it becoming stale, and it’s good to jump before it does. NYD feels fresher, and I like the multi-layered possibilities in the word “Resolution”

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    @Arbutus Happy New Year to you too. Wholeheartedly second that emotion (and glad to hear things are good with you and yours)

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    Oooh… the pub’s still open, yippee! 😛

    I see I’ve been missing some fun tonight! (My main computer’s very sick (but out of intensive care and hopefully on the mend now). I think my overexcitement at trying to download ALL the AG series on iplayer may have finally done for the poor wee thing!)

    @pedant Thanks so much for the MERL twitter…[Read more]

  • You’re welcome @Kevinwho.

    I also love the higher production values in AG Who, but wobbly sets on very lo def TV didn’t stop me falling in love with the show on 23 Nov 1963. It was like absolutely nothing else […]

  • Thanks for the interesting blogs @Kevinwho. In my opinion deciding on “the best and greatest” seasons is highly subjective (although I agree you can try to define them more objectively using the various criteria […]

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    @Mudlark – Giblets – been there, and definitely not pleasant! (No one told me about that the first time I cooked a chicken. Bleurgh 😛 )

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    @Pedant – I believe you did, but you’re allowed to repeat. Dammit tho, I was hoping you could help with my alt universe mind wipe! 😉

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    Thanks for the clarification on the length a  Rel, @countscarlioni, although I also think @pedant has a point that it’s as long/short as it needs to be for dramatic tension, haha. (And thanks also to Pedant for the extension to my vocabularly – so a cruft is a bit of a shaggy dog then…? )

    @Miapatrick – I agree that the dads being…[Read more]

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    Well I liked that! As @Pedant says – lone daleks are scary. Especially when they’re on a mission. Not perfect, but loads to like. And yay for the return of skeleton exposing extermination effect.

    Loved the steampunk dalek, and the parallel with the Doctor constructing her new sonic from bits of Sheffield steel in ep 1. And was the Doctor really…[Read more]

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    Happy New Year to everyone. And apologies for AWOL-ness from the forum thro most of this series, caught in that pesky alt universe vortex (ie too much RL) again! Mega thanks to @Blenkinsopthebrave (and hi to your resident aliens masquerading as earth type felines) and @thane16 among others for not forgetting me and lighting the route back!

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    Mega sympathies to @Blenkinsopthebrave. Good to see you back tho, brave warrior in the colonial outpost! Glad the cellar continues to be well stocked.
    @Thane16 *waves*

    Cheers all,

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    Greetings to @Fatmaninabox – you completely lost me at line 2, haha, but sending you back some caffeine saturated squishy hugs!
    @Craig – thanks for the quick tutorial on photos (can’t believe I’ve forgotten). Had another shot at it, but still not working. Hmm… more practice needed.

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    Here we go again! And as others have said, great to see lots of familiar faces again, as well as new ones. Hi everyone.

    I’m totally up for this, and agree with everyone who says that Jodie nailed it from the outset. Felt quite Tennant-y (not a bad thing IMHO 🙂 ) and I loved how, apart from a couple of throwaway lines, she just gets on with…[Read more]

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    Just a quick hello to anyone who still remembers me! (Been AWOL for ages 🙁  ).  Great to see the sofa’s still here, and still as comfy.  Ooh, is that still some of my Christmas glitter hanging about?!

    I am SOOOOO excited and looking forward to watching the new series, new era and new Doctor. Can’t believe it’s finally here.

    See you al…[Read more]

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