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    Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2022 brings you health and happiness… and the Dr Who that you want!

    (Apologies for my absence recently – had a wee bout of Covid, so been delayed in catching up, and behind with comments. 0/10 for the yeti 😛  🙁   )

    Will be on catch up for tonight as well – tho with its time-loopy theme, will anyone kn…[Read more]

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  • @Miapatrick – River was only vortexed. In this hypothesis the Doctor (to be) is fluxed – anything could happen! Her whole biology could be rewritten, including 2 hearts. She’s born, perhaps in dramatic fluxy circumstances, dies but immediately regenerates to the lost foundling Tecteun then finds. Waiting for her parents who she eventually finds…[Read more]

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    I see you haven’t lost your touch since I’ve been away @Whisht! Great choices. I like Floyd, early stuff in particular, but I agree with you on Dvision Bell 😉

    @thane16 – Eleanor Rigby – great choice 🙂

  • Last thoughts – why on earth is Divison HQ so deserted? If they’re everywhere/every species/every time surely they’d be retreating to the safe haven while our universe is fluxed? All we’ve got is a mad scientist and an Ood! (And why has that Ood still got its translator orb – that’s slavery is it not?)

    Can’t wait to see where Williamson’s tunnels…[Read more]

  • Great posts, everyone… and YAY! to bonkers theorising being back.

    @Juniperfish (big furry wave to you) – totally agree with your take on Tecteun (interesting to get her side of it which pretty much corroborates what the Master described to the Doctor, only “justified”), and like @Mudlark I wondered about her adopted child seeming to have so…[Read more]

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    Ah… clutter! I have a Tardis-full… and I don’t have a Tardis!! (Interesting posts about what does the Doctor do with their clutter 😉 )

  • @Miapatrick @Blenkinsopthebrave

    Ruth Doctor as immediately pre Hartnell – I like this too. Fits in with @Mudlark‘s theorising too. I think there’s strong suggestions that she is.  Listen suggests that Hartnell Doc started as a baby or at least a pre-schooler – maybe that was the “deal” (voluntary or otherwise) for leaving Division – mind wipe…[Read more]

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    @Miapatrick So sorry about your loss. That’s a tough one at any time but that sounds particularly hard. Take it easy, and all the best with your dissertation. Big ups to your partner.

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    I actually really liked this episode. I found it relatively straightforward to follow, albeit in a bonkers sort of way. But I do like my Who on the weird side. I can still remember watching The Edge of Destruction (Hartnell, 1st season) waaaay back when I was about 6, and loving it despite being completely confused!

    Seeing the header pic to this…[Read more]

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    Thanks @Jimthefish for remembering me back into existance!

    RL has been having a massive impact on my online DW life; ironically for life in a pandemic with lockdown etc I got really busy, and mostly been having to watch on catch up (sometimes several at a time). Also, with less scope for bonkers theorising in the last 2 seasons maybe some of the…[Read more]

  • I agree with the concensus here that that was a great episode. And like @Jimthefish I would tend to put a lot of the credit Maxine Alderton’s way. Proper behind the sofa stuff.

    Thanks to @Mudlark for the excellent research into the Division. They definitely seem to be about the ends justifying the means. They don’t seem to be a good thing, but…[Read more]

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    @Blenkinsopthebrave *waves back*

    Talalay post – I agree (and apologies for it posting with the full length preview* (I just begin to think I’ve got the hang of this posting thing, then that happens!)). I love her direction (like Camfield, it’s got a flair, expertise and depth, that adds to the storytelling).

    Must go and check out the Crusade…[Read more]

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    Thanks @Pedant, on point as usual.

    I’ve particularly noticed the sudden proliferation of toxic YouTube videos that keep popping up in the “suggestions” bit. I wish I knew how to stop them. YT used to be a fun […]

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    Just popped in as I came across this tonight. Director Rachel Talaley in session at Gallifrey One, talking about making Heaven Sent. She posted this – a breakdown of her first impressions of, and notes about, the first scene. For those of us who like the technical behind the scenes (and sofa) insider view, it’s fascinating. So…[Read more]

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    Thanks for that summary @Blenkinsopthebrave

    I remember The Crusade making an impact on me at the time as a little un (and you’re right about Douglas Camfield. His direction work turns up in a lot of 60s/early series, and it’s always notable)

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    @Thane16 – Happy to offer any cooking tips I can, Puro and Thane, tho it may not go further than – make sure you take the giblets out! As @idiotsavon (hi back) says – melted plastic is not a recommended seasoning! (Been there, done that too, I try to stick to garlic now 😉 )

    @JanetteB Sorry about the cinema disaster, but sounds like you made the…[Read more]

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    Have to say, I like the move to New Year’s Day. There’s only so many Christmas themed stories you can do without it becoming stale, and it’s good to jump before it does. NYD feels fresher, and I like the multi-layered possibilities in the word “Resolution”

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    @Arbutus Happy New Year to you too. Wholeheartedly second that emotion (and glad to hear things are good with you and yours)

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    Oooh… the pub’s still open, yippee! 😛

    I see I’ve been missing some fun tonight! (My main computer’s very sick (but out of intensive care and hopefully on the mend now). I think my overexcitement at trying to download ALL the AG series on iplayer may have finally done for the poor wee thing!)

    @pedant Thanks so much for the MERL twitter…[Read more]

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