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    Craig @craig

    So for the latest in our rather shambolically scheduled Capaldi retrospectives, I bring you Neverwhere. Neil Gaiman’s story of “London Below”.

    Created by Gaiman and Lenny Henry, it’s about a Scottish businessman who rescues a young woman only to find himself in “London Below”, amongst fantasy creatures who are basically invisible to the people of “London Above”.

    Capaldi plays The Angel Islington. His duty is to watch over “London Below” despite failing to have previously guarded Atlantis.

    Neverwhere is available for only £4.99 from the BBC shop.

    Missy @missy


    Isn’t it marvellous? I bought this a few months ago. Very clever, and I love the Angel Islington idea.

    Missy @missy

    I just reread my post above. the Audio book I bought, has Benedict Cumberbatch as the Angel Islington.

    Missy @missy

    Interesting videos Craig, but I have to say that BC plays Islington better than Peter Capaldi. I enjoyed your videos just the same. Thank you.


    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    I just watched the series (mostly because it was written by Neil Gaiman) on DVD. I found it okay, not as good (IMO) as Good Omens, The Doctor’s Wife or Stardust (and I know that’s comparing wildly different flavours).

    It ended quite satisfyingly while apparently leaving the door open for further series (which never happened). I was highly amused by the use of London place names for characters – the angel Islington of course, the Earl who held court in an Underground train, old Bailey, the seven sisters, Hammersmith the blacksmith.

    I was slightly disappointed that the two heavies, Mr Croup and Mr Vandemar – two of the nastiest thugs ever – were sucked through the door along with Islington. I had hoped that the Marquis de Carabas with his crossbow and Richard with his hunter’s knife would manage to dispatch one each, it would have been fitting revenge.

    But all in all a reasonably satisfying story. I think I’m going to buy the book now.

    Missy @missy


    I haven’t seen the series of Neverwhere, but, as I said, the CD is wonderful. Good Omens?  I have the DVD and the book.

    Both enjoyable.



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @missy     As so often, the TV/movie and the book of Good Omens are similar but different.   Sufficiently different to make viewing/reading both rewarding.   Same goes for Stardust (the movie and the book) and Moff’s The Day of the Doctor.    I’ve ordered the book of Neverwhere and I trust it will be the same.

    The DVD of Neverwhere includes an interview with Neil Gaiman and a full commentary by him.   I’m half-way through watching his commentary and I have to say he has the knack of making it interesting.   As an aside, I had much difficulty persuading VLC to read the DVD on my laptop (two laptops actually, I tried both), eventually succeeded but neither would play the interview without stuttering sound and frozen picture no matter what settings I tried.   My bargain-basement DVD player, though, played it without a blip.   There’s a lot of voodoo going on when it comes to DVD’s.

    winston @winston

    @dentarthurdent  I have not watched the series but I read the book and enjoyed it.  Gaiman has a gift for creating tricky characters with unusual names. I will have to see about getting the series to watch. I am looking forward to Good Omens 2 also.

    I am having an electronic voodoo event here with one thing after another screwing up. First I order something from Amazon for the first time and it doesn’t  show up so I go to computer to check on it but I have no internet! My old dvd player broke down so bought a used one which I plugged in and it worked and the remote worked until I hooked it up to the TV and then the remote stops working. Batteries are fine. I am slowly fixing or replacing all of it. See I fixed the internet( A cord was loose) already.

    Stay safe.

    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @winston    Well I just watched Stardust last night.   A very pleasant movie.   What I might call a ‘good-natured’ movie.   Even the ghosts of the murdered princes seemed to regard it more like a sporting contest than something to get bitter about.   And the scenery was magnificent.   I’d like to see Good Omens 2, too.

    Electronic voodoo – I invoke it quite often, since I have a tiny LAN (Local Area Network) usually consisting of my desktop/server downstairs and whichever laptop I’m using in the lounge.   I have several laptops, which is very handy when I ‘break’ one, I can use another to Google for information.   (I’ve never bought a new laptop, when I upgrade it’s to a new-ish used one and I stick some version of Linux on it, the previous one gets relegated to ‘spare’ or ‘backup’.   By the time a laptop reaches the stage of fourth backup, hence truly surplus, it’s too old to be worth selling anyway.)   Since I like fiddling I quite often break something – digitally, not physically.

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