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    As Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor said to Rose:

    ROSE: If you are an alien, how comes you sound like you’re from the North?
    DOCTOR: Lots of planets have a north.


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    Bouncy? You should try the Bay of Biscay – or have you?


    Rottnest island a? Notorious for cutting up rough, one of the reasons we’ve never bothered. The other being that there really isn’t anything to see.


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    Very well put and it makes perfect sense. Thanks for that. *thumbs up* Sorry can’t access smilies.

    As for the ring business, I thought about it, and you are right. Same was done with CE DT and MS.


    Beautifully put thane. Brilliant hands has Mr. Moffat and brilliantly presented by Mr. Capaldi.

    Regarding Sherlock, so,…[Read more]

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    I merely asked a question I’d been considering for a while, and asked for opinions. I did not expect such a harsh response.  Not very ‘kind’ was it.

    2018 isn’t that far off and you will get your wish. Aren’t you a lucky vegemite!

    The last break lasted 28 years, I wouldn’t have expected that, a bit excessive.

    Having a new team isn’t…[Read more]

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    I understand your point of view and can, as a rule, be  objective. This time I’ve found it too hard.

    There is a part of me that wonders whether they should have  ‘rested’ DW for a couple of years. Then start afresh.

    It’s been done before, and ending – for a while – with the 12th Doctor might have been a better idea?

    What do you all t…[Read more]

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    Two more I recommend.

    “No Glamour in Gumboots” by Marian Warren.

    “The Secret Life of Cows”  by Rosamund Young.


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    That’s fair enough. Not everyone liked PC. You cannot help how you feel.@nerys:


    I realize that for most, this question doesn’t have a rational answer, because our love for the series isn’t imbedded in the rational, but in the emotional. So it’s hard to pinpoint why we want and need certain things from whatever it is we love,…[Read more]

  • @scaryb:

    What a generous man, and how moving.

    David must have been a very happy young man to recieve that letter.

    Using Moffat’s words were very appropriate, lovely touch.

    There again, most of Moffat’s words are appropriate.

    He has written so many speeches, and one liners, all of which apply to the human condition and are so true.

    Then he…[Read more]

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    Thank you for that lovely video. Trouble is you’ve just made me cry again.


    Hello there and welcome. *waves*

    I one of the very few who does not want a female Doctor. Enough said.


    Try Tasmania, nice and cool there. That’s where we should have gone. *sigh*


    Welcome to you too. *waves*


  • @ichabod:

    You put it so much better than I, but then I never was good at writing down my emotional response to anything. I simply feel.

    Great face for this particular Doctor; I’m going to miss it like blazes.

    So am I ici, so am I. Lovely post.

    But I’m delighted to report he’s in Glasgow and texting me pictures of Tardises he finds in the str…[Read more]

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    No one has mentioned the musical score? It was beautiful. Shades of the  12th Doctor’s theme, the singing towers of Darillium, and the sad music from Heaven Sent, along with much, much more.

    The Doctor’s ring falling off, was surley not Chibnalls idea? Steven Moffat wrote the episode, so it must have been his.

    I finally watched it this morning,…[Read more]

  • @gamergirlavatar:

    I haven’t read other posts, but decided to answer yours.

    I too shall not be watching it until the 27th – in the afternoon.  No way I’m watching something so emotional at night.

    If that sounds daft to some, too bad, I know me very well.

    How extraordinary to feel this way about a fictional TV character, but I do.

    Good luck to…[Read more]

  • @figi:

    Tried it, and was told it wasn’t safe, so  I left it alone.

    Thanks anyway.



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    You aren’t the only blubbering mess! That’s why I shan’t watch until Wednesday mroing or afternoon. as I said, there is no way I’m going to bed happy and tired after watching the end of an incredibly wonderful series.



  • @winston:

    Thank you and be aware that I feel the same.

    I have never felt like this before. The only thing I can put it down to, is that although PC said several times,

    that the Doctor was an alien not Human, somehow he manged to make his Doctor more human than any of the

    actors before him.

    Gawd, I’m going to miss the picture in the corner…[Read more]

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    How wonderful I do envy you. SM and PC.

    As for questions, I have too many, but thank you for asking.

    Enjoy the show.


  • @gamergirlavatar:

    You have said it all, and I feel your pain.

    He suffered far more than any of the other Doctors. He was injured more than any of them.

    He lost so many people that he loved, including River, the love of his life, yet he never gave up.

    I shall always remember his look of despair and hurt, when Missy betrayed him, and can only…[Read more]

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    @janetteb: Amen to that and thank you.

    @gamergirlavatar: thank you

    @hiker: Ta muchly – I was almost happy until you mention Time!


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    This is a book so I’ll mention it here. I’ve recently begun listening to Dombey and Son on 4 Extra.

    We didn’t read this at school and surprisingley I never gave it a thought.

    What marvelous series this would make on TV.

    At the moment I’m right into the Harry Potter books, for the third time of reading, and Loving them.


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