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    Thank you.


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    @ichabodSheesh, gonna miss this crew no matter what comes after . . .

    You and me both!

    Still haven’t looked at the clips (old team clips I mean) must make some time. Thanks to all who contributed.


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    Do any of you have a WEST LODGE in your vicinity?  There is one here, but I’ve not been into to it.

    Here is WA.


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    As the 13th Doctor has closed – which is not a surprise, what else is there to say? – I was unable to answer your posts

    @cathannabel and @thane15

    Sorry abut that, but I can’t always spend so much time on here.  Anyway, suffice it to say quickly, I have my opinion and you both have yours – and I could be wrong.  Time alone will tell.


  • @winston:  PC has been a mysterious and magical Doctor who took us for a rollercoaster of a ride through space and time. We went places with him that scared us or broke our hearts or made us giggle like children but as long as he was there we felt safe. We have questioned his actions but never his motives which are clear- to help where he can and…[Read more]

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    So sorry I cannot help you. You could try  asking Google. You’d be surprised what they know.

    Good luck


  • <span class=”useratname”>@jimthefish</span>Time Lord:

    I’ve seen her in : Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Accused, Cranford and all three series of Broadchurch. Before we knew that PC wasn’t going to do a fourth series, and before JW had been chosen, I’d told my OH that she irritated the hell out of me. The two you mentioned I’ve never heard of. You…[Read more]

  • @ichabod;

    How well you know me. *grins* Loving it.


    I know what you mean. However I didn’t fall asleep during the Musketeers, my OH and I really like it. If you haven;t already, do try to see In the Loop – hilarious!


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    I want Mr Huffle, from Doctor Mysterio.





  • A thought occurred . So just to make my feelings clear. I am against a female Doctor, but as I have no say in the matter and it’s inevitable, they could at least have nade a better choice. I do not hate JW, she can act – although always as herself – but she isn’t in the same class as Olivia Colman, Tilda Swinton or Nicola Walker, that’s my point.…[Read more]

  • @wolfweed:

    Thank goodness Kris Marshall won’t be the new companion – I hope. It would dash his chances of ever becoming the Doctor.


  • @cathannabel:  We’re on this Forum because we care about Doctor Who.  Some of us are feminists, SJWs even, some aren’t.  Surely all of us want  the show to be successful, to continue to capture the imaginations of children and adults, to retain the loyalties of long-standing fans (I’m one of those, I go back to the Troughton era) and to attract…[Read more]

  • @ichabod:

    So far, this series is very funny.  Tongue in cheek humour at its best.


  • Oooooooooooooo! What a lucky vegimite am I.

    Our daughter gave me THE THICK OF IT for my birthday – Four series, Box set.

    Can’t wait to get stuck in.

    Have see the first episode. The writing is wonderful, especially the first scene, when a Minister thinks his job is safe, then finds it isn’t. I couldn’t stop giggling.

    One wonders if this really…[Read more]

  • A lot of reading to do, and I shall.


  • @wolfweed:

    Interesting article and I agree with most of it, except for Paul McGann and forgetting Peter Capaldi and embracing JW. Had I admired all four Doctors equally, then maybe (except for JW) but as PC became MY Doctor, I’m not likely to forget him.

    Time Lord: Yes, the hair seems to be key. (Odd how you can follow the trajectory…[Read more]

  • @wolfweedThe role of the Doctor, which Peter Capaldi embodied.

    I second that. His Doctor was  far more complicated – and yet more simple – than those who came before. As for Malcolm Tucker, PC was hilarious. It must have been exhausting all that swearing!


    Peter Capaldi’s  Doctor has always been a mystery to me. He is unpredictable…[Read more]

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    @miapatrick: Just read this.

    Well done. Very well done. *thumbs up*

    @nerys: @winston:

    @jimthefishTime Lord:

    Thank you it was.


  • Such a lot to read.


  • @ichabod

    Yes; it might be worth remembering that pretty much everybody is feeling losses of some kind here, which is one of the things that “the end of an Era” means.

    True, but I could live without this loss, which is unnecessary


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