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    winnipegger @winnipegger


    Only 8 episodes for 2013. Changing the name doesn’t change that fact. But since you bring it up, there were only 5 episodes for 2012. They were good ones, but you can hardly call this a series.

    I have held many jobs in my time. One employer decided to outsource the computer department, another employer closed down due to competition. Then another had 3 full-size computer departments after a series of mergers, so closed the one in my city. I chose to become a contractor after all that. Never at any time did any employer allow me to stay on while I work for other employers. Why should these actors get away with failing to do their job due to moonlighting? And I have never gotten more than 2 weeks per year vacation. Contract positions only get statutory holidays, not a single day vacation. And that was when I was employed at all. After 32 years I’m trying to scrape by with a home business while seeking full-time employment. So I have short patience for someone who wants half a year or more vacation.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    These long gaps between new shows


    I think that’s the real irritation; they clearly didn’t want to announce that Matt was leaving and they clearly didn’t want to have the ‘Year of Specials’ that we had when David Tenant left. There’s also the budget problems; the BBC’s Olympic/Jubilee coverage needed a huge amount of money and they were rumoured to be rescheduling quite a few drama productions to put the budgets into a different financial year.

    So instead of another Year of Specials, they split Series 7 into two and had three Specials planned around the Anniversary. Two of which (50th and Adventure in Space and Time) are longer than the normal 60 minutes.

    I admit I’m not entirely sure why replacing the Doctor is so time consuming that it seems to stop production – but it may be the other way round; by the time the actor playing the Doctor has reached his third series, he physically and mentally needs a longer break – and just can’t do a full fourth.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Only 8 episodes for 2013. Changing the name doesn’t change that fact.

    Series 7 was filmed during 2012 (between February and November, if you’re interested). The broadcast dates were split.

    Yeah, there were only five episodes during 2012 – the UK had a couple of other things on at the time. 😉

    As to your career in the computing industry: it’s always wise to realise that expert knowledge of one job doesn’t mean you necessarily know anything about another. So far your posts aren’t giving me any confidence that you have a real knowledge of television production.

    I’ll give you one example of something that may not have occurred to you. If you took a day off sick – would the entire project have to be rescheduled?


    winnipegger @winnipegger

    I’ll give you one example of something that may not have occurred to you. If you took a day off sick – would the entire project have to be rescheduled?

    Some projects, yes. When I worked for New Flyer Industries, a company that manufactures city busses, the computers had to run or the entire production line would halt. My official hours were 7:00am to 4:00pm, but I often worked to 6:00pm, and came in for two or three hours every Saturday and Sunday as well. Just to ensure the computers ran smoothly. Actually, when two managers had a snit over who was in charge, I was ordered to not come in that weekend. The weekend that I was not there, the computers did fail. They had to go back to Thursday night’s backup, lost all data from Friday. And all weekend they tried to muddle along without the computer. Production was set way back. I got fired. The manager who ordered me to not come in that weekend got fired a month later, over Christmas.

    I took 2 days sick time in 1988. A co-worker drove me from the office to hospital the first day. And a couple days in 1982 for minor surgery. That was scheduled months ahead of time, but I only took a couple days off. That’s it for my entire career.

    Craig @craig

    Possible alternative costumes for Matt.


    Thank God they didn’t go for this:

    Bad bad Matt

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @craig – That must have been one of the ones where they said he looked absolutely miserable wearing it.

    janetteB @janetteb

    He certainly looks unhappy there. He chose well in the end, given the choices on show in that blog..



    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    A reminder that the Doctor Who Proms will be on BBC 1 in 50 minutes (4pm BST)

    Doctor Who Proms

    wolfweed @wolfweed
    Anonymous @

    oooh, @wolfweed – on that same C Baker clip page was this Sylvester McCoy vocal ‘what if the 7th Doctor had been in The Pandorica Opens?’

     “Hellooooo Stonehenge!”

    ardaraith @ardaraith

    @bluesqueakpip  I watched the Proms this afternoon.  It would have been thrilling to be in the audience!  Watching the children’s faces was the best.  I particularly enjoyed seeing a group of ‘little Doctors’ holding the baddies at bay with their sonic screwdrivers!

    Anonymous @

    @ardaraith – nice to see you back here again!  I also watched the DW Proms (on iPlayer) this afternoon, and you’re exactly right, the looks on the childrens’ faces were priceless.  I sort of wished the audience camermen/women had focused more on children, and less on the adult participants, because the childrens’ faces were filled with wonder, awe, fright, and magic.

    daftmunkee @daftmunkee

    Hey everyone. New member here. I’m a Canadian, and I’m heading to Great Britain in November, which ends up coinciding when the 50th anniversary episode is going to be playing in theatres. I was just wondering if anyone knows when the tickets go on sale, and where/how one would go about getting them. I have no idea what sites people in Britain use for this.

    Anonymous @

    @daftmunkee – as yet no details have been released and I imagine we won’t hear until at least the end of September. The best sites to search are Cineworld , Odeon , Empire Cinemas , and Vue . You could also try IMAX .

    Hope this helps and that you enjoy your visit to the UK.

    AceAceBaby @aceacebaby

    His everyone.
    I am not sure this is the place for this but I am trying to find a Dalek/monster/cosplayers/impersonators Who related to attend an event I am organising on 3rd November. Unfortunately most are based in the south and I am looking for the Derbyshire/Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire/south Yorkshire area. If any of you have any suggestions for people tat meat be able to help me out I would greatly appreciate it.
    Many thanks

    Anonymous @

    @aceacebaby – Don’t be afraid of internet searches. DuckDuckGo is your friend.

    This was 7th in the list when I searched:

    Doctor Who Meetup dot com

    You could try other combinations of area name and see if anything else displays for you.  Good luck.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Dr Who at the Proms 2013


    For none British Whovians without access to BBC iPlayer…

    Absent from the show:

    Song for Fifty   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIO9_T27DnA

    Vale Decem      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWN1l0JuKrE

    wolfweed @wolfweed
    Anonymous @

    Also from the Proms 2013 – The Companions Suite

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @fatmaninabox – I forgot about that one! Thanks. Here it is with visuals…


    Anonymous @

    This was seen on George Takei’s facebook page:

    He say he originally interpreted the images as “female”, “male”, “Charles Xavier”, “Dalek”.

    Anonymous @

    I forgot about that one!

    @wolfweed – It would seem the BBC did as well 😉

    Anonymous @

    Interesting interview with Alex Scarrow in the Guardian today (and one for the Rory fans especially!):

    Timeriders author Alex Scarrow has written a new Doctor Who story, focusing on the eighth Doctor

    If you had to travel with one companion from Doctor Who, whom would you choose?

    Of the recent companions, I’d have to choose Rory. I love that he’s something of a hapless, gormless hanger-on that managed to grow in stature and importance. Almost an Arthur Dent-like figure initially, but eventually a true hero.

    PhaseShift @phaseshift
    Time Lord

    @danmartinuk enters dark territory with Colin Baker in his series of retrospectives, looking at Timelash. I don’t think we are in any danger of revisiting this as part of our own series recaps (which would be an act of masochism too far). So feel free to have a read.


    He’s taken my advice and is covering Ultimate Foe next as a fob to the Colin devotees who mobbed his last column.

    Anonymous @

    @MadScientist72 – George Takei is undoubtedly a(n inter) national treasure.

    And it took me several go’s to see the shower in that last pic – it’s just too much like a Dalek to be coincidence.

    wolfweed @wolfweed
    daftmunkee @daftmunkee

    Hey everyone. Other than the big main party that is sold out, are there going to be any other Who parties going on in Britain around/during the premier?

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Sylvester McCoy talks about Dr. Who at Space City Con

    QueenLouie @queenlouie

    Hey, not sure where to post this – I’m new to the whole Forum thing.

    My husband and I can’t decide the answer to this Question.  I wonder if any Whovians know the answer.
    When the Doctor says his age is 1100 years – is that Gallifreyan years or earth years?

    I have always assumed Gallireyan, I assume that’s how the TARDIS would keep track of time, as that is where she was born. But the other theory is that the Doctor counts in earth years for a reference point for the audience and companions.

    What do you think?

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    @queenlouie – since the Doctor’s making his age up, anyway, it doesn’t really matter. 😉

    That said, I seem to recall the Master saying he was eight when he looked into the Untempered Schism, and the child actor playing him looked about eight – so we can probably presume that there’s some kind of ‘translation’ into Earth years and equivalent human age.


    Anonymous @

    @daftmunkee – re British parties around the 50th anniversary celebrations, DuckDuckGo is your friend.

    The first result on that search takes you to this website where the London group is 3rd largest in the list.  You can contact them for more information on Doctor Who fan meet-ups in London and they can perhaps steer you toward contacts for the 3 other British groups listed on the map.  Good luck.

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed – I loved that Sylvester McCoy clip you posted.  He is so engaging, personable, entertaining (following that child out to the exit door, hissing ‘I’m Davros!’ was sweet), and utterly generous to the audience. Questions he must have been asked thousands of times (‘what’s your favourite episode?’) he really made sound like he was hearing for the first time, and had to ponder before answering.

    Even better was his whizzing around through the audience, high-fiving fans, handing over the mic, and generally making the experience so much more interactive than a dry Q&A pompously conducted solely from the stage (the latter which I imagine one C Baker would be wont to do himself).  Sylvester McCoy is a treasure in any environment, and we’re lucky beyond words to have him as an ambassador for Doctor Who.

    But I’m ticked off that the clip ended just before he started playing the spoons!  🙁

    Anonymous @

    Don’t forget TATM tonight @19:00. Also, in an effort to make up for last weeks cancellation, BBC3 are showing TBoSJ tomorrow @19:00. Bit odd that they’ve missed out The Snowmen though. Oh well…

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Bit odd that they’ve missed out The Snowmen though.

    @fatmaninabox – Too Christmassy, perhaps? Or 60 minutes doesn’t fit into the schedule?

    Whatever – the point that they’ve decided to do a catch-up episode tomorrow rather suggests that ‘stuff’ is due to start happening from one month before the actual anniversary; they need to play catch-up for any cancellations, because they need to finish repeating the series by mid-October.

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    @Shazzbot   Just for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDs2m0FxW7k
    Sylvester McCoy Plays the Spoons

    Anonymous @

    @wolfweed – not only thank you for posting that, but it’s another reason I think Sylvester McCoy is so marvellous and so lovely.  He whips ’round the audience playing the spoons on their shoulders at the end.  Who else in Who-Land engages the audience so immediately?

    Anonymous @

    @bluesqueakpip – too Christmassy?

    Without a doubt but it’s an integral part of Clara’s story. I’m sure they’ve repeated previous Xmas episodes ‘out of season’ before.

    My reasons for being miffed are, admittedly, purely selfish, about 2 weeks after TNoTD, I inadvertently deleted TS and Series 7b from my hard drive 🙁

    That’s what too much coffee, not enough sleep does to you folks!


    Anonymous @

    @fatmaninabox – you’re not still suffering from that same insomnia, are you?  I remember you talking about this weeks ago.  What, besides inadvertant hard-disk wiping, are you doing to combat that?

    Anonymous @

    @shazzbot – I’m actually border line bi-polar so the insomnia comes with the ‘ups’ which I am at the moment. Although it’s not particularly hot at the moment, I put my fan on it’s lowest setting when I (try) to sleep. I find the sound quite relaxing. Avoiding tea/coffee also helps but, being the caffine freak I am, it’s not so easy 🙂

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    If you want to watch The Snowmen between TATM & TBOSJ, you can do so



    Spacehead @spacehead

    Hello. I’m new here.
    I only started watching Doctor Who few years ago (Doesn’t time fly when you’re alone with your thoughts?), so I’ve only seen this new era Doctors. But I’ll sure watch all of old Doctors episodes someday. I’m not good with introductions, especially in foreign language, so I’ll just say a bit about myself and a lot about my love for Doctor.
    I’m a young girl from small town somewhere in Croatia (let’s call it The Middle of Nowhere) and I’m in high school. I love books (mostly fantasy), chocolate, children and Doctor Who. 🙂
    I fell in love with Doctor Who at first moment I saw it (last fifteen minutes of Doomsday) and I watch it since then. I can’t tell which Doctor is my favourite cause I haven’t seen them all, so I’ll stay out of any discussion on that topic. My favourite companion so far is Amy and K9 (if the tin dog counts as a companion). I don’t have favourite episode. Mostly because I think they are all great more or less.
    That would be all for begining. I look forward to meet you all.
    P.S. Please excuse me if I write something wrong. English is not my first language.

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi were spotted having lunch yesterday…


    Welcome, @spacehead. K-9 definitely counts as a companion…

    wolfweed @wolfweed


    Doctor Who 50th anniversary international trailer from BBC Worldwide. (Not for the ’50th’ episode)

    Fake or genuine?

    With Chinese subtitles. Spoiler free.

    Bluesqueakpip @bluesqueakpip

    Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi were spotted having lunch yesterday…

    Oh, my God. They’re getting married!


    Anonymous @

    @bluesqueakpip – re “Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi were spotted having lunch yesterday…”

    Oh, my God. They’re getting married!

    You’re so conventional.  I myself suspected a torrid affair.  😆

    DornKoon @dornkoon

    I suppose I should start with saying Hello, seems like the polite thing to do… sooo

    Hello ^_^

    I just joined the site a few minutes ago, maybe half an hour, not to sure. Anyways, I thought it a nice idea to stop by and reveal myself, no point in lurking about like a stalker of sorts. I will say right away that my English might not be the best, it is my second language. I’m from Sweden, so my language really is Swedish… yeah, makes sense.

    Obviously I like Doctor Who, would not make much sense to join a site on the subject if I did not like it. Buuuut, I did have a more personal reason to actually join the site itself. I’m a very big role-player, like dungeons and dragons, star wars and the likes. Table top rpg is my thing and I have done it for years now. In any case some friends have been asking me if it would be possible to roleplay a setting in the Doctor Who universe. I was surprised I never got that idea before, Doctor who is perfect for that, seeing how episodes in the show really can do about anything. I glady agreed to be the game master of that, so I work on trying to make that a reality. But then I hit a snug… the rp would not be the same without the Doctor, or similar. So far I got three ideas, but I wanted to run them by some other Doctor Who fans and get their voices. Also, if you happen to get other suggestions and ideas how I could make the adventure amazing for my players I would be really happy. ^_^ Feel free to share.

    • The first idea is that the adventure is from another reality that is next to the one with the Doctor, they did say there could be countless, but with changes. Maybe another Time Lord instead of the Doctor? I’m not all to certain yet.
    • The Second idea is to let the rp take place before the Time War and leave it open for all players to rp as Time Lords and explore the universe that way. Sure makes it more equal in regard with what players can play. But I feel it might take away some of the Unique feeling with the Tardis if everyone gets one.
    • Finally, the third idea is to make my own version of the 12th Doctor and use him as a NPC, have the players go with him on adventures and similar. That could work, but I am afraid doing so might give the Doctor to much space and the players to little.

    Sooo, what do you guys think? I know I made one hell of a loooooooong post. So I hope you were patient enough to get all the way though. Feel free to bash on my ideas and leave comment what you think. I look forward to some fun time and all!

    wolfweed @wolfweed

    Original British Drama 2013: Trailer – BBC One
    The Musketeers, Sherlock, The Escape Artist…

    Anonymous @

    @dornkoon – hello and welcome to the Doctor Who Forum.

    Many years ago, I used to RP  ‘Star Trek’ in the TNG/DS9/Voyager time frame. We solved the problem of ‘official’ characters by simply not using them until we’d ‘settled in’. Only once we’d sorted out our various characters’ strengths and weaknesses did we introduce the likes of Picard or Worf but even then it was only if an adventure absolutely required them.

    If you’re playing it as actual ‘Doctor Who’ adventures then it does, obviously, need to have the Doctor as the main character which, as you pointed out, would mean he gets to do most of the work. Great for whoever plays the Doctor, not so much fun for everyone else though.

    On possible solution is to base it in the 51st Century where your players could be Time Agents equipped with Vortex Manipulators. This means that you’d be able to have ‘Doctor free’ Adventures in Time and Space.

    Another advantage of this is that not only could The Doctor occasionally appear as an NPC but you could also feature Jack Harkness (in his Time Agent days) and River Song as they’re both from (or frequently appear in) the 51st Century.

    I think your players might enjoy this as it means they’re not relying on The Doctor and/or the TARDIS all the time.

    Alternatively, if you wanted an Earth based game where the Aliens come to you, how about UNIT or have your players be free-lance Alien Hunters similar to Martha and Mickey?

    Hope this helps 🙂

    DornKoon @dornkoon

    Those are really nice ideas! I know the group would enjoy the idea of being able to explore space and time, it is a large part of Doctor Who and they all want to be a part of something like that. But making them time agents is not a bad idea, at the very least if someone in the group is a time agent that would make sense.

    I already made plans to have the Doctor appear as a cameo, or use him as an NPC in some adventure, just to give the really big fans in my group a reason to go fanboy over him. ^_^ Or more Fangirl on him, since most of the players are girls.

    The good thing about RP is that it gives so much freedom. One idea that came was if a member in the group is a time lord, but a much younger and very much less experienced time lord. In essence it was just a kid who escaped in a Tardis right before the end of the war and ended up on earth. Or could have ended up in another reality and that was why the Doctor never found him/her. Hmmm, so many possible things that could be done. ^_^ I’v left it open for players if they all wish to be humans or pick an alien, or make their own alien race.

    Craig @craig

    Just a note to all those who can access BBC’s iPlayer that they have the film version of The Quatermass Experiment (called The Quatermass Xperiment on release – X, geddit?), the first of the Hammer Horrors, available for the next week until 2am Sat 7 Sept. It was directed by Val Guest who also directed The Day The Earth Caught Fire, which I think is brilliant and very underrated. Well worth a watch.


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