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    Craig @craig

    The invaders are gone but the Doctor has a new problem. Having opened up the forcefield, a whole new bunch of invaders have arrived – the Sontarans. And they want the Doctor.

    Once again, Kelner sucks up to the invaders while the Doctor and the others – Leela, Rodan, Andred and the outsiders – are forced to go on the run.

    And as we’re discussing this story because of Rodan, she does get a chance to shine in this episode when the Doctor needs her skills to do … something to the TARDIS – re-programme it in some way to close the forcefield, I think.

    For the best viewing experience this story is available to buy with lots of extras. You can get it from Amazon for less than 8 of our British pounds – other retailers are also available (except the BBC, which has sadly closed its online store). It may also be on your Netflix, Prime or Hulu, or whatever else you subscribe to.

    Remember, we’re discussing this story one episode per week, as it was originally broadcast. If you’ve seen it before, for the convenience of anyone approaching this for the first time, NO SPOILERS for subsequent episodes please.

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