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    winston @winston

    @dentarthurdent and @janetteb    I don’t know why I am so accepting of everything on Doctor Who, and I am, but I guess that is why I like it so much. There are other shows and movies I can’t watch because I am always taken out of the story when I notice things that are wrong. If I know about the subject and they get it wrong I notice and  the mister gets very irritated because I point out all the mistakes to him.Very annoying, probably more for him.  Fantasy and sci-fi are different and I sit back and soak it up. I am the same with Star Trek and Star Wars and the rest.

    Bring on the strange and the curious! I am getting ready for Doctor Who!

    stay safe

    janetteB @janetteb

    @winston Our sons tell me that I am too forgiving of Dr Who too but sometimes it does go too far for me. Kill and Moon and the cyberking being probably the worst examples. Sci fi generally and fantasy create their own rules and as long as they vaguely stick to those that i fine. I tried writing a sci fi story recently and got caught up in the “space travel is impossible” dilemma and finally decided in the interests of fiction to just say, “They have found a way and not explain to much about how.” Sometimes the rules have to be suspended or there would be no stories. Hyperspace, wormholes warp speed, Tardis, as long as it sounds like it is established as fact within the fictional universe then I will accept it. But have a robot stomping over London in the 19th century that is not mentioned in history and I will be upset.

    It is because I love Dr Who so much that being unable to watch the last series really saddens me I want to be loyal to it but I felt as though the series I loved was being trashed as the universe was ripped apart. I did not mind the stories mostly, I liked J.W. and though Graeme occasionally annoyed me I still kept watching until the destruction of Gallifrey. I do intend to watch the final though before November.

    As an aside I recently had to update my phone (most reluctantly) and finally got the ring tone I have always wanted. We were dining with friends on Friday night and they guessed at once that it would be something from Dr Who. It is the Tardis sound. (my messenger alert is a cat meow)



    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @winston  @janetteb    Yes, I’m more tolerant of anomalies if I like the characters or the story.   I’m much more likely to notice errors if I’m not just a little emotionally invested in the fate of the characters.   (And at worst I find myself nit-picking the plot as a sort of revenge on the bad writing/acting).   Kill the Moon was an exception to that where I liked the Doctor, liked Clara, didn’t hate anyone, I have no objection to them having a fight if it was well-motivated (people do), except that the Doc buggering off and leaving Clara and classroom pest to their fate was totally out of character – BUT there was so much impossibility in it from the very start it was impossible to ignore.   Enough of that.

    Just watched the fifth episode of Sherlock – ‘The Hounds of Baskerville’ – and I suspect I could drive a truck through the holes in the plot (probably could through Doyle’s original too) – but I don’t care.   The story is so diverting and gripping.   Also, really very scary in places.

    Janetteb, I’m a little bit less worried by breaking of the canon (retconning Gallifrey for example) but the Flux season was a confusing jumbled mess.   Although I *still* haven’t really accepted JW as the Doctor.   But the after-Flux specials (of which there are 3) – Eve of the Daleks was actually quite good and worth your watch – by far the best of the Chibbers’ episodes.   Legend of the Sea Devils was middling, about as good as Curse of the Black Spot (let no-one say I don’t know how to damn with faint praise 🙂  ,  The Power of the Doctor was quite passable.   Though I can’t for the life of me remember what it was about.

    My ringtone is ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ – the unforgettable rendition by the legendary Portsmouth Sinfonia.   I think it was their best work.


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