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    Dentarthurdent @dentarthurdent

    @janetteb    That guy’s head collapsing was horrific.   And yes it had occurred to me also that it wouldn’t happen that way.   Very good CGI though.    Actually I don’t think ‘scrambling’ his brain by sucking all the thoughts out would reduce its volume.   But I find it curious the way *some* things cause us to have – what can I call it – ‘realism-based’ objections, and not others.   It’s quite arbitrary and personal/individual, specially in a scifi/fantasy show.

    For example, what about the ‘spoonheads’ in The Bells of St John?   After a monetary twinge, I just accepted them as scifi.

    Before the Flood bothered me for the same reason as it did you, I think.   It caused me some geographical confusion.   Was the village below the dam flooded rather than being washed away by the dam breaking?   I agree, I can’t envisage any topography that would cause or permit that.

    And, um, riding the dinosaur to escape in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.     Wouldn’t it be much quicker to just run?    And the size of the T Rex in Deep Breath – way too big.   And the golden arrow shot at the end of Robot of Sherwood.

    Curiously enough, the really huge impossibilities – time travel, teleports, the ‘sonic screwdriver’, thought control by wireless – don’t bother me at all.   They’re sufficiently far removed from reality to be ‘just sci fi’.   It’s the merely mechanical/physical, almost-reality things that set me off.   (Or, ‘where does she get the milk?’   Moff you bastard, you lampshaded that and I still missed it!    I love it when he does that.   Also the thought that a couple of planks nailed across a doorway weren’t going to stop a Dalek – my mind raised that and I just dismissed it as a minor inconsistency.)


    Doctor lou @thedoctor234

    It’s so gut-wrenching….. the way his head just, flat like a pancake…

    winston @winston

    @dentarthurdent and @janetteb   This was a fun one although the Teller was frightening but in true Who manner he was just misunderstood.  How can you not think of anything? For me that is impossible. Anyway , I liked the gang and was happy that they all lived through it and I would have liked to see them again. There was a lot of running in corridors just like the old days.

    There are no unbreakable banks or unsinkable ships.

    stay safe

Viewing 3 posts - 251 through 253 (of 253 total)

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