• agreed , but that is why one falls in love with the doctor……..the timiey wimey wibbly wobbly of his own stream


  • OK big question do we have an rp of the doctor? and if we dont why not if allowed i could come up with some kind of story , or someone else could i do believe we could go somewhere with an rp

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    Waves back to ScaryB


    And thanks for the info i too and post  05, but weve seen some hella good stories since then also , my wife just was brought into it and has absolutely fell in love […]

  • yea just a quick question, where could i find the audio adventures at ive been looking for them for a little bit but no can do

  • @Shazzbot

    true very true however im thinking that it waits for us in the future , i mean thew will show the rest of river songs story, maybe not in chronological order however we know they love throwing us […]

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    okay there in one question ive had and i thought maybe i missed through the bit i ve seen, his grandaughter , what happens to her, and where are her parents i know i might be an idiot for asking but i cant find […]

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    real quick sorry to bring it off subject ,but  hello, you can call me the 7th doctor nice to get all of your aquaintences and btw the cushing idea ,as far as ive read, would be pretty cool , out there, but pretty […]

  • i mean you can find a timelin video on youtube that explains there every meeting in chronological order

  • well if im correct your not supposed to be able to lie on trenzalore so the doctor couldnt lie on trenzalore we mighteve been able to here his name if river hadnt have whispered it to open the tomb.


    and […]

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    my earliest memory of the doctor, it was christopher eccelston, his i believe second episode, where hes in 2012 underground in a museum and meets what he believes is the last dalek. that was my first dabble with […]

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