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    @vashtanerada I hope the explain Pompeii too, I’d love if DoctorDonna was involved somehow.

    That’s another reason I like Tennant.  Sad is happy for deep people, and he was a very tragic Doctor.  Same with Troughton, they both seemed to face regeneration in a similar way.  Not to mention the companions wiped memories.

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    Wow @PhaseShift , that is incredible.  Thank you

    I’m with you @vashtanerada I love Tennant as an actor, not just because he’s pretty.

    I’m not as big a fan of Hurt, I wish they’d brought McGann back.  I heard he wanted too.  Adding another regeneration is just confusing (meta Ten, Valyard, Watcher, etc.)

    I have high high hopes for Capal…[Read more]

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    Cybermen are Robots too.  Death in Heaven.  I’m liking this.  Thanks for the Toymaker thought @FiveFaces

    This is why forums are so awesome.  Ideas lead to ideas.  Bean from Ender’s Shadow said it best “One mind can think only of its own questions; it rarely surprises itself.”  Good reason for the Doctor to bring along companions.

    Gotta love McCoy 🙂

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    Seeing the Toymaker again would be fun @FiveFaces

    The Gods of Ragnarok would be cool too.  Like the Toymaker, came before.  Old Ones from the time, Dark Times, before the universe. The Doctor says he’s been fighting them.

    The Land of Fiction with Clockwork Soldiers (Mind Robber Second Doctor).  Master of the Land, needed by a Master Brain< …[Read more]

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    This is why I love finding a good forum, so many ideas 🙂

    I like that @ScaryB “I’m not your boyfriend…I never said it was your mistake.” Same thing, Missy says she is the Doctor’s girlfriend and the mistake is on her part. The Doctor sees Missy the same way Clara sees the Doctor? Maybe an enemy that is smarter than the Doctor?

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    I hope so @Arbutus


    But how the hell does it fit into a bonkers theory… (replaces tinfoil cap).

    The SS Mdme de Pompadour (ie the ship) is (or thinks it is) 37 when it gets damaged.
    It needs the real Mdme de Pompadour’s head at 37 but doesn’t get it.
    Was its sister ship (the SS Marie Antoinette) also damaged at the same time and succe…

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    I counted at my theater too, two tardis dresses, one very good Eleventh Doctor, plenty of general tshirts, and 8 hats/scarfs Fourth.  Plus me, the only one to dress like a companion, Clara (Bells of St John).

    By the way, hi everyone.  I’m a pretty new Who fan, about six months.  Ten was my first Doctor, but I also love Seven and Two (y…[Read more]

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    I agree with you @Serahni  I hope there is more to the impossible girl story.  I’m still in the Rose is connected to Clara camp. Clara’s mom died on the same day Rose “disappeared.”

    I loved the way Twelve said Clara didn’t see him, when it was the opposite that Eleven didn’t see Clara when they met, just the other two verisons he knew of her.…[Read more]

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    Another quick post while I should be working lol.


    I’m pretty sure Ten gave the fob watch to Tim at the end of Family of Blood


    I really agree with your examples of how the Doctor interacts with the lives of the people around him. I have the Who and Philosphy book and there are chapters on his different views of morality. H…[Read more]

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    Hi everyone,

    First post, I only have a minute, but I just wanted to mention Marie Antoinette was 37 when she died by having her head removed.  Interesting connection to Madame de Pompadour.

    Susan said the French Revolution was the Doctor’s favorite time in Earth history.

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