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    @bivium6 – I’d forgotten about Martha and her ‘quest’.

    So with Rose absorbing the power of the Time Vortex, Martha trapsing all over the world, Donna becoming the Doctor-Donna, and Amy… – actually can’t think of anything that Amy did – and Clara flinging herself into the Doctor’s timestream, all the ‘modern’ companions have been ‘special’…[Read more]

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    Good point, @midnyt, Tasha was presumably not human. Very long-lived? Or somehow preserved due to her role as head (or high priestess or whatever she was) of the Papal Mainframe? (Which, by the way, is such a great name for a church!)

    @bivium6, that would also explain why she was confused about having died when she finally told the Doctor that. I…[Read more]

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    @Serahni, it’s beginning to look as if there is nothing that Moffat can come up with that someone on here won’t have twigged before it happens.

    @midnyt   But since when can the Daleks bring someone back to life whom they’ve killed? Have I missed something? Probably.

    @janetteB, yes indeed, that teenager sleeping thing. My son has been outdoing h…[Read more]

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    @Serahni    Love this! All the Claricles rejoin and become, not Clara, but Missy. Very cool. In fact, a powerful challenger to @bivium6’s “Gods of Ragnarok” theory. I think that if that one isn’t true, Moffat should just bring the Gods of Ragnarok back anyway. I think they’d make great opponents for Twelve.  🙂

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    @purofilion  You should come down to Melbourne in October to Armageddon and we can ask Jenna ourselves!  I can imagine the look on her face when we start theorising about her being her own grandmother.  LOL

    Keep up theorising, guys!  I love reading it all, even if my brain struggles to keep up with the paradoxial loops.  I really am starting to l…[Read more]

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    @bivium6  Good point, @midnyt. I would also say that Eleven regenerated alone, but he latched immediately onto Amy, to the point where he apparently offered to take a little girl with him in the TARDIS. He knows how much the Doctor always needs a companion.

    Bivium, I think the Doctor’s exact words were, “It might be Clara, it might not. It’s a lottery.”

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    @bivium6 “I wonder why Eleven is so sure that Twelve will need Clara.” Well, he is the Doctor. I think its a combination.
    I think part of him telling/asking Clara to help him is for her as well. Take some of the focus off the “OMG he changed”. Isn’t it sometimes easier to do something knowing the other person is just as scared as you are?…[Read more]

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    @bivium6  Sorry, I’m not sure I explained what I meant very well.  I agree that Clara herself seems to have a preprogrammed destiny that just loops around and repeats itself, possibly at around the same age.  My argument was against her having a family and reproducing because her children would be another matter entirely.  They might not be bou…[Read more]

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    watching Clara & the Doctor

    It was actually the Ponds and the Doctor initially.

    You need to be a little carefully, following the great dreamcatcher debacle of Season 6 – Moffat likes to chuck theme-y cruft in as stylistic flourishes, rather than clues. That may apply to the POV shots.

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    Nice link about paradoxes – I’d forgotten that line about ‘never crossing your own timeline, except for cheap tricks’. As many have pointed out, the Doctor lies, and most of the rules have come from him.

    As for ‘Father’s Day’, I’ve remembered that the Doctor said that because there were 2 versions of him and Rose, that that point in…[Read more]

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    Sneaks past @FatManInABox with extra large mug of coffee and sips it surreptitiously glancing over shoulder

    @Purofilion waves a big hello 😀 nother slow day in Mudville but at least not raining

    @Midnyt Clara is a great companion,  sacrificing herself three times on screen for the Doctors and probably many many times over off screen, she has to…[Read more]

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    @purofilion @barnable @bluesqueakpip

    All good points and theories about explaining the dinosaur’s presence in ‘our’ shared history. Three days after watching the episode, and as many have pointed out, I think I’m probably best to wait and see how Moffat ties it all up. If he does explain the size and the fact that loads of Victorians witnessed a…[Read more]

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    @bivium6    Oh, and if we’re taking bets, I betting on about once per season for the the Paternoster Gang. Unless they make an appearance outside of their place and time, as in NotD. I think (hope?) we will not be seeing too much of any one time/place. As I remember, that was one of the biggest complaints of the first couple of AG seasons, that th…[Read more]

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    @bivium6    Okay, you win. Missy is clearly one of the Gods of R-r-r-ragnar-r-ok (clearly brought back into the story because there is finally a Doctor with the accent to pr-r-ronounce it pr-r-roperly!).    🙂

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    @JimTheFish @IAmNotAFishIAmAFreeMan Sorry to have taken a while to get back on this, but it’s been a busy couple of days. I think, on reflection, that both your points are fair, and my earlier comment on the Doctor’s morality was a half-baked idea rather poorly expressed. Both ‘bad Doctor’ and ‘impeccable morality’ are certainly overstated. Mainly…[Read more]

  • Arbutus replied to the topic Deep Breath

    @Silverman   I completely agree with this. From a dramatic point of view, I liked what the dinosaur brought to the Doctor’s post-regen recovery. But I wish they could have come up with a way of presenting it such that it didn’t leave such an obvious gaping hole in the history books. It’s more clever to have sci-fi events that tie in with real on…[Read more]

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    To clarify, The 4th Doctor & Sarah Jane’s lips would have met but it would have been ambiguous as to whether it was a kiss or not…

    (Think Smith & Jones’ : genetic transfer or kiss?)


    And I see your point about Vastra & Jenny. Oh… They’re married, so they’re ‘allowed’ to share oxygen…


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    @bivium6 I’m totally on board with The Mind Robber. And brilliant thought on the Gods of Ragnarok: I had completely forgotten about them. The key here is that whoever put Clara into the Doctor’s life was trying to stop the GI (in the first instance, but presumably with a larger plan), and that suggests someone with the same kind of background as…[Read more]

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    @purofilion – it’s great to be seen, again! twas a long, long summer, and i’m glad to have this wonderful program back, and this wonderful forum along with it… 🙂

    @bivium6 @Arbutus –  i, too, don’t give much weight to missy’s “my boyfriend.” substitute “the object of my obsession,” instead. i predict that will be closer to the truth, as we…[Read more]

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    @bivium6    I’m not convinced that the “my boyfriend” bit is something to be taken literally. I’m also pretty sure that Moffat is not trying to make this easy for us!

    @purofilion    Yes, Deva Loka was from the serial “Kinda”. They were telepathic. There was an evil snake being, called the Mara, that possessed Tegan. So maybe Missy is the Mar…[Read more]

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