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    Oh no, not saving the Ponds!   We’ve moved on from that, surely.    Too much of a retrograde step.

    I can certainly see him not consenting to be bossed by Clara!   And what is River Song going to make of him, if and when….

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    Absolutely agree with you there – both about the sonic screwdriver, which was getting very silly, and the new Doctor’s possible personality.   Machiavellian indeed!     And a bit less of the agonising would be good, too…

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    Yes, David Tennant would have been much better – sorry, EVEN better – with the Scottish accent!   Too much for the Americans, maybe.

    Love the new outfit, no more bowtie, thank heavens!    Trousers may be a leetle tight for running in, so perhaps he won’t be doing so much of that.

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    Agreed!   More ordinary people and less heartbreak, please.    That was one reason I liked Donna so much (though I hadn’t expected to) because she and the Doctor were just mates, and she wasn’t anything weird and wonderful – well, until her last episode, which actually WAS heartbreaking!    But she just went back to being an ordinary person.

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    Nobody told me Cybermen snored…

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    I can remember the very first episode, and was hooked instantly – and highly annoyed when it was repeated the following week!

    Patrick Troughton was my favourite, mainly because he had a sense of humour which was notably lacking in Hartnell.   After Tom Baker it went downhill rather;   I liked Paul McGann, too (sexiest Doctor.)

    Of the new one…[Read more]

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    Yes, there are a few females around here…

    and I remember the first-ever episode, too!    Troughton for me.

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    My first post on here, so don’t shoot me…

    Scrambled brain after reading ALL the posts about the Christmas special!

    For me, I am getting rather fed up with all the Christmas specials having to be Christmassy.   (does this make me Scrooge?  Probably.)  And also with the new craze for bringing in a whole load of monsters just for the sake of it,…[Read more]

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