• Wow! I am looking forward to reading this! I often like to read about the cancelled episodes so this is great!

  • The 7th doctor has so many stories if you count the novels that came out after ’89. It would be awesome if more¬†were made into episodes like the human nature novel was with David Tennant. I also wish they would give the 7th Doctor a bigger cameo in New Who and not just the group shot in the 50th anniversary special.

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    I was so surprised when he finally broke through the wall to find not the TARDIS but a portal to Gallifrey! The first real Gallifrey episode of New Who! It kind of changes things though. If you look back to 9th and 10th Doctors episodes where they have this setting of “The Doctor is the only time lord and it’s a big deal if another time lord…[Read more]

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    One of my first memories of New Who was Christopher Eccleston and the Slitheen. I wasn’t into the show at that stage though. It was a Davros episode that got me started properly.

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    I love Christopher Eccleston’s run. His series is virtually a perfect series. What a fantastic start for the comeback. I love how Rose’s move at the end is so important. Rose was a great companion. I often wonder what it would of been like if she had stayed with Tennant for his entire run. I wonder where they would of gone with her character.

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    This episode is my all time fave of Capaldi’s. His second series was even stronger than his first. This episode was so dark. What a great concept! I found the monster of the maze so creepy and grotesque. And the whole underwater skulls scene was super cool. Even the concept of him using the teleporter was turned into something uber interesting.…[Read more]

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