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    ClarkKent1967 @replies

    And so it goes.

    The reason I have never joined a chat group before.

    Instead of a polite discourse about disagreeing with as I stated “My opinion” statement and maybe countering with a “In my opinion” reply and express a difference from which maybe I could glean something about the show that I am not seeing for myself and could find a joy for this season/doctor that I’m not feeling. Which is what I’m looking for.

    No, I get a be careful using phrases or I’m whiny.  Or  I will be your bad cop today.

    As I stated in my original post have been a fan for 38 years and enjoyed the show the whole time. For me this season doesn’t have the same joy that the previous years have for me and I know for me it is the stories themselves they don’t feel the same. I was and am looking for a discussion over plot wherein I can find it but go ahead feel free to treat me poorly for expressing a desire to try and find something lost  with this season.


    ClarkKent1967 @replies

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been a die hard Whovian since 1980 and I started watching repeats of the old series in America on the odd channels when I could and I have enjoyed every iteration of the show since. The current reboot from Eccleston forward has been for me the golden age of the show.

    This is the first time I have joined any chat group and I have done so totally because of the writing direction that the current version of The Doctor is producing. There is zero love for the fan base on the current staff. The zest and zeal that has been ever present since the reboot was gone this whole season with Jodie Whittaker and I do not blame her or the rest of the cast the whole blame to me lies squarely on the writing staff.

    Have they even watched the old series or just wing it? I was so tremendously psyched to see Jodie in this role and her acting along with everybody else has been up to the task of the scripts but those have been about as far off the mark as it could possibly get, that is just my take on it. Which is why I joined I would like to know what my fellow Whovians think of this? Please I would like to hear a reply

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)