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    CYBER-REPORT: My one big problem with this episode is the main ‘monster’ creatures. The giant germ things. I understand that the kid makes the episode duller, but the fact that everyone is scared of the germs. Why? Because they’re giant? Because they’re vicious? Because they’re killer alien lifeforms, who are unknown about and are clearly a…[Read more]

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    CYBER-REPORT: Why do I keep coming back here? What have you done to hypnotise me into always opening this page up in a new tab?


    I’m enjoying myself.

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    CYBER-REPORT: Since arriving onto this forum an hour or so ago, I’ve made many, many posts and am already out of thing to say. Congratulations, me. I won. And yet, I lost.

    Emotions are strange.

    Forums are STRANGER.

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    CYBER-REPORT: Everyone is mentioning Peter Capaldi’s insanely terrifying eyebrows, but anyone old enough will know the true terror of the Doctor’s eyes….


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    CYBER-REPORT: I apologise for double-posting, sorry. Another thing was that I was pretty new to the show when it came back in 2005. I thought that Daleks always used to tell people that they would make good Daleks. Basically if instead of cyber factories there was Dalek factories.

    And then it turned out I was partly right later that year. That…[Read more]

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    CYBER-REPORT: When I first watched ‘The Impossible Planet’/’The Satan Pit’ I was very, very tired. I never really remembered those episodes clearly, but in my tired, tired mind I somehow translated the episodes into something like this: The Doctor was with a team trying to save the Ood, and all the Ood were on a ship. As in wooden boat ship. The…[Read more]

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  • CYBER-REPORT: The alien from the market is used as an ice warrior in one of the ‘Time Zone’ playsets.

    Also, what is the meaning of the huge beetle?

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    CYBER-REPORT: I really wish they would stop using the jock about makingĀ things like a car. The TARDIS, Vastra’s carriage, Rudolph…It was funny the first time. Also, something I do not understand: If Santa Claus was a dream character, how did he see the Doctor in the TARDIS?

  • CYBER-REPORT: I own the entire episode (all parts) on a DVD disk- I think the music that plays during the end scene of this part should be remade in a new series- it’s superbly chilling. And of course, the voice of the Cyber-Controller!

    YeeEew bEee-loowng to UZZZ

    YeeEew shall bEee LIIKE UZZZ

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    CYBER-REPORT: My personal choice of ‘best episode’ for series 8. The Skovox Blitzer is one of the greatest foes for the Doctor in my opinion! Although it looks like a tiny, tiny crab.

    Danny in this episode was only used as a love story, but I enjoyed the humorous exchange between him and Clara when he finds out the Doctor is not human.

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