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    @Paul-Ferry  then you’ll do fine.

    While I’m talking to you, just a quick question – is your film project still on.  Will we be treated to the Ferry Doctor?  The Pub With No Doors just wasn’t enough.

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    @paul-ferry   Welcome aboard, I’m a dedicated fan of your work on Timebase.  I’m sorry to say that odds are, you’ll find fandom much as you’ve left it, some new faces, some old, but basically it is what it is.  People are people, unfortunately, and they’ll have to do until something better comes along.  Enjoy the good parts, try not to get too…[Read more]

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    I did speak to Sinclair on Facebook, he was willing to chat to a point.  I think he’s got mixed feelings about it.  This was a huge part of his life as a teenager for two years, and after all that work, it […]

  • I’ll give it some thought.  DW2012 seems to be principally a one man operation by Luke Newman.  Newman has built himself an actual Tardis console, builds or obtains his own props, does his own cinematography, […]

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    1979, London, England, Super8 film format, colour, sound, 75 minutes long.

    Ocean in the Sky is the great lost epic fan film.  It’s not the earliest documented fan film – that honour goes to Kevin Davies […]

  • The book is currently available as an ebook at Amazon and other sites.


    It can also be found at various other online […]

  • Once upon a time, Doctor Who was a show in Crisis! So fans decided to started making their own. They’ve been doing it ever since…

    When Doctor Who first went off the air in 1985, fans began to create their own […]

  • In the case of the BBV, you might also attempt to locate the company online and see if you can buy or download from them.  Given that the Auton trilogy was made for commercial purposes, I think that would be the […]

  • Youtube, Dailmotion, Vimeo.  Sometimes just googling steadily.  Good luck.

  • @puroandson   I will certainly do that.  Be well.

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    @Iamnotafishiamafreeman   I thank you for your response.  You have made yourself very clear and I appreciate that.  I understand you perfectly.  To the extent that I have intruded upon you, accept my apologies.   I will not intrude again.  Be well, and go forward with my best wishes.

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    My apologies.  With respect to your considered response to me last night, I spent well over an hour writing back to you with a nuanced and considered and carefully neutral response.   And then it […]

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    “Fucking hell”?   Are attempting to offend?  Should I take it that way?

    Are you insulting lawyers?   Is that intended to offend?

    I’m not being provocative, I’m just asking.  Is this just the way you talk, or is this intended to be nasty?

    Did I piss you off?

    Look, here’s how I see things.  I’m a guy that likes to connec…[Read more]

  • @puroandson   Okay, let me be frank on the subject of Kill the Moon.

    First, I believe it’s a big world, and there’s room enough for everyone.

    I believe that people like or dislike things in a visceral way, […]

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    Here’s a random bit of speculation.

    Blake’s 7 – 2nd season finale, Star One.  Blake goes to the edge of the Federation, to find the hidden control center, known as Star One.   It’s the nerve center of the Federation, controlling travel, transshipment, all sorts of systems.  It’s surrounded by a mine field.   Once Blake and Avon get there, howev…[Read more]

  • Let me offer a few thoughts on ‘canon.’

    Canon is essentially a by-product of the story process.  It’s not a magical thing on its own.

    Formal canon does not need to be logical, or coherent, or even […]

  • doccover1


    This is a working cover for a book I plan to publish this month.

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    Actually, my intent was to explore some of the more interesting Cybermen from fan films.  This was just a starting point.

    For instance, in DoctorWho2012’s ‘Dawn of The Doctor’ they’ve built their reasonably […]

  • As I have searched out and watched these fan films, one of the things that’s struck me is how well they’ve done Doctor Who’s monsters.

    The Cybermen in Phase Four, Deconstruction, the Experiment, Trident, Gene […]

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    Still with me?   Terrific!

    Now, let’s take a look at the earliest Fan Film Cybermen.


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