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    When I heard of Peter Capaldi’s casting, I had no idea who the hell he was, until I looked him up on IMDB and he is actually in one of my favourite horror films:  THE LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM.

    And because of that, I think he will do a pretty good job as the Doctor.

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    I’m an old school fan of Doctor Who, and I became a fan in the late 90s/early 200s when it wasn’t even popular.  I watched most of the classic series (although there is still a ton I haven’t seen).  A lot of them are extremely slow and boring, but there are a lot of great ones as well.

    Now for the new series – I was extremely excited when I h…[Read more]

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    Favourite companions:  Ace, Sarah Jane Smith, K9, Kamelion…… the others I can take or leave.

    Worst companion:  Rose (so bloody awful)

    Favourite new series companion:  Clara…… all of the others I can take or leave as well, except Rose for the aforementioned reason.

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