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    I’ll chalk it up to grief, and emotions clouding thinking, but Clara’s attempt at blackmail seemed a bit silly.

    First of all, why did she need all 7 keys?  If the Doctor is locked outside of the Tardis without a key, then she only needs at most 3 to make her point (destroy one to get attention and show she is serious, destroy the second on first…[Read more]

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    1. I guess British trains are simpler than American ones – See ‘Taking of Pelham 1 2 3’ where overcoming the dead mans handle was complicated because they don’t want people to be able to send unmanned trains on tracks, ie. collisions, etc.

    2. What secret?  Certainly they saw something they couldn’t explain, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill…[Read more]

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    I sometimes find Peter Capaldi reminds me of Tim the Enchanter:


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    Overall I enjoyed the episode.  After the first few weak scripts, and that horrible Kill the Moon, things are starting to look up.  An original script, with some good ideas, although the ending was a little abrupt.

    A few thoughts:

    – could the Dead Man’s Handle really be defeated by Clara that quickly and easily?  I’ve seen movies where they tal…[Read more]

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    With regard to why the mummy would go after the weakest first, as a weapon it would be less likely to draw the attention of those that could potentially stop it, since the weakest dying or ‘hallucinating’ before they died would not be that suspicious.

    Of course we have to wonder who was behind Gus, and why they would want that kind of weapon? …[Read more]

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    I’ve been rather disappointed with the scripts with the new Doctor.  Listen was okay, at least until the ending; Time Heist wasn’t bad, but the rest were rather weak.

    Kill the Moon was easily the worst of the lot.  Whoever wrote it seemed to steal the idea from an old Superfriend’s cartoon, and also has a poor grasp of Biology, Physics, and G…[Read more]

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