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    Terrific episode, epic! Really delivered the goods. I love how John Hurt’s Doctor ended up being often a more humorous character, making fun of his future versions, showing us more to his personality than the war stuff, which makes him feel more like the same guy as the other two.

    And the new direction, while a bit comic booky in undoing a big…[Read more]

  • Clara is the best, and I hope she’s on for years! At least say 2 and a half seasons, to match Amy’s run.

    I’ve loved all the current companions, and Rose is tough to top, a very fun character and the definitive companion for me. Clara’s just getting started though, and I find her quite groovy frankly folks

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    Seems like a cool guy, I look forward to seeing his run! Though feels crazy that Smith’s run is over so soon, especially after only being with Clara for eight episodes or so (current Clara). I dig that they’ve got an older actor with a bit of a wily feel to him, should be fun.

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    Hopping on board, long live Doctor Who!

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