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    I was watching for the epic, logical plot trap while all along my partner understood the emotional reality of it all…

    he’s time lord and can’t face the endings…she’s a human and has faced them all her life, one of them had to let go,


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    Just a quick note…everyone seems (elsewhere) to be focusing on the death / rebirth / repeating nature of the doctors story, how many times, is it continuity now, how old is he etc…but that is surely missing the point entirely…the point being HE DID NOT BACK DOWN!!!! What would have happened if he did?? If he confessed and let *them* know what h…[Read more]

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    ps – thought the mire helmet seemed an important background feature…

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    Well, he wasn’t a zygon…lost a 50p bet with a fellow fan but……but but but, the best episode of an amazing series , and the ‘stand off’ speech?? Made Stonehenge seem like posh school boy bragging

    the (great) guy from bleeding cool has interesting theory about Clara’s departure and the doctor back tracking through her life…the worst month he’s ev…[Read more]

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    Hello everyone, I’ve been lurking here for longer than I should admit (since you all left the guardian…) and I’ve enjoyed it all inmensely…much like I’ve enjoyed the years of looping stories and clever arcs in my one and only show (my son loves it…I loved it…I love it…he loves it…a recursive strange loop) (plus a never ending collection…[Read more]

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