• Kharis replied to the topic Orphan 55

    I can see just coming on the Forum simply to complain is frowned upon by some members, so maybe I should end this post here, LOL!

    My esteemed and serene Emperor @craig I have returned from the void and see you have kept your Council in session with dignity in your pocket universe at the end of the internet.

    Welcome New Voices: @indigo-1 @peter311…[Read more]

  • Miapatrick replied to the topic Orphan 55

    ‘I hope that you can recognize that the vain caricature this show has become is not acceptable, and insist that it be returned to its proper place, a show of quality and some dignity.’ guys – don’t we have an acronym for this? Think @jimthefish coined it…

    @indigo-1, no, being a fan doesn’t mean giving blanket acceptance – in that, it doesn’t…[Read more]