• @bluesqueakpip @jimthefish Gallifrey seems to be something of a battleground for the show runners. Or a pantomime…

    RTD: They’re all dead.

    SM: Oh no they’re not.

    CC: Oh yes they are. (possibly).

    As you say, the Doctor destroyed Gallifrey. Or at least, now, he thought he did, he had decided to do it and was willing to go through with it until…[Read more]

  • @mudlark ah, but that’s time. They could have gone far back with their new abilities to get the jump on all the rivals.

    @blenkinsopthebrave – don’t worry, I’ve got you – possibly:

    @mudlark – what if they stole, and then changed the course of history? Which we’ve been reminded can happen. This would potentially require ‘fixed points in time’ not…[Read more]

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    @ollie14 me too – see you at the season finale! 😉

  • @bluesqueakpip@jimthefish, the mind wipe thing is a can of worms – though as @bluesqueakpip says, there is reasoning behind why it might have seemed necessary for one pair and not the other. I think Ada and Noor actually did some coding work with the Doctor, explicitly learned the future development of their field, here the Doctor more or less…[Read more]

  • @juniperfish yes- I think one thing we noticed last season was the Doctor as inventor – twelve was very much the professor. We saw thirteen at her beginning jerry rigging a transporter, making a sonic. The choices of Lovelace and Tesla make perfect sense with her.

    The show tends to focus on the positives of historical figures, unless they’re…[Read more]

  • @jomomentor to be fair, they were tumbling over each other and their own legs…

  • Completely off topic but nice to see Goran Visjic, always a pleasure.

  • @jimthefish congratulations, Doctor! Frankly I lack your willpower, I’ve posted more on here when I was working on my undergraduate degree, and now that I’m working on my postgraduate degree than I did the couple of years when I wasn’t studying.

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    @thane16 In my case it was essentially me, in a bad mood, butting in on someone else’s argument, which was my bad.

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    @peacefrog considering your response to his mention of his arthritis was:

    ‘We all have problems in life, get over yourself.’ I’d say the shots fired balance still lies with you, I’m afraid. And it’s hard to convincingly argue that all you ask for is a mutual level of respect when the first person who was disrespectful was you.

    Additionally, you…[Read more]

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    @peacefrog maybe calm down a little. You did say you were sorry and you were joking and followed it with ‘get over yourself’, turning your apology into a continuation of snark. I feel that if you’ve lurked here so long, you ought to know us a little better.

    The way the exchange above reads is: you said something snarky, he said something snarky…[Read more]

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    @ollie14 is he though? As @bluesqueakpip has pointed out above, hot camp want to kill the doctor Master (she didn’t phrase it like that) is always performing in front of at least one other person. When it’s just the Master and the Doctor it’s more on the lines of ‘how else would I get your attention?’ ‘Gallifry is destroyed’ ‘by the way it was me,…[Read more]

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    @drwhoopinion it’s true that in the past relative minorities have been the ones opposing what we now call atrocities.  A big part of that has been the balance of ‘preaching’. People didn’t think about it, or accepted the justifications. Literature in particular has always had a polemic side. A core point in the development of the novel was the…[Read more]

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    @missrori thanks for the clarification! I have to admit that had me stumped!

    That sounds stressful, and dealing with parents as an adult can be tough – I also live with my mother, though in my case it’s more her living with us.

    I feel for kids nowadays, I hate those memes that get circulated mocking young people for protesting about the…[Read more]

  • @phaseshift I think that would be very enjoyable, and good to have something to watch and discuss during the Who-less months. (Or what am I supposed to do with my time? Write my essays? besides, my whole course is about adaptions and dialogues between texts, so I’m sure it will count as study.)

    It appears to be, as well as Sky box sets, on Amazon…[Read more]

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    ‘I hope that you can recognize that the vain caricature this show has become is not acceptable, and insist that it be returned to its proper place, a show of quality and some dignity.’ guys – don’t we have an acronym for this? Think @jimthefish coined it…

    @indigo-1, no, being a fan doesn’t mean giving blanket acceptance – in that, it doesn’t…[Read more]

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    @peacefrog hi, great introduction to the forum! I’m glad you’ve finally signed up.

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    I thought quite often this was quite an old fashioned Who. The ‘Dregs’ standing in a desert surrounding, just a lot of the setting and atmosphere.

    I liked what the Doctor had to say here, but I worry about it. A good message to feed kids today, but even if many of them learn it, it’s a bit on the latish side. This a few decades ago would have…[Read more]

  • @jimthefish I’ll have to rewatch, but as I remember, she was involved in helping the doctor re-program things, which would have meant considerably accelerating her computer programming knowledge. She was certainly still with the Doctor when she turned up having done her thing. I might be wrong, but even without that – she was exploring and…[Read more]

  • @phaseshift that’s an excellent point about Dracula, I hadn’t even thought of it like that. But of course, Dracula wasn’t written as a period piece. While many of the older Gothic novels were theoretically set in medieval times (Radcliffe was terrible for anachronisms) Dracula was very much about the relocating of the medieval into the modern. And…[Read more]

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