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    @ Coly

    surely Danny/Orson are the reason Clara went back in the Doctors time line and therefore the reason the Doctor is who he is.

    What about when Rory died and got erased from existence? Wouldn’t that make Amy a totally different person? Or not go with the Doctor to run away from her marriage? Rory dying didn’t really do anything.

    In Doctor…[Read more]

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    Danny’s dead, but it doesn’t matter (I loved him, but it doesn’t affect the show’s time-line/circle/wimeyness).

    If Orson Pink (Danny and Clara’s descendent) ceased to exist, that wouldn’t really affect the Doctor’s timeline, or the whole of time itself.


    If he Doctor wouldn’t of met with Orson after meeting with young Danny Pink (in Listen),…[Read more]

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    This episode was all about proving that Clara take on the role of “The Doctor” if she wanted to.

    What if Missy choose her as a replacement for The Doctor?

    Also, The Next Episode is a obvious reference to “Little Red Riding Hood”, with the wolf/alien, forest setting, and the little girl with a red jacket.

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    Random Thought Time:

    Will we find out what was under Rupert’s sheets?

    or What was knocking at the end of the universe? (If they leave it a mystery, then that’s cool too)

    Clara realized that Orson is her great-grandson, will that affect her relationship with Danny when they get more intimate?

    Also, Orson said that that “time travel runs in the…[Read more]

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    Is The Doctor “A Good Man”? Are some better than others?

    Remember when “Rusty” said: “I am not a good Dalek […] You are a good Dalek”

    I believe that Rusty was saying to the doctor: “You may kill millions of Daleks and other malevolent creatures, but at least you do it after showing mercy first, and only to protect others.”

    Despite not carr…[Read more]

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