• Wasn’t Thoth also the Egyptian Lord of Time? I’ve forgotten a lot of the mythology I used to know, but wikipedia tells me Thoth is also associated with knowledge, scribes, and writing — and the moon.

    Maybe […]

  • so I watched Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead last night and here’s a few thoughts to add to the pot:

    We see the Library datacore in a few brief shots — it looks exactly like the Old God — a big […]

  • And speaking of loose ends, what about Lorna Bucket from the Gamma Forest? She embroidered a prayer *leaf* that, as we know, explained why the only water in the forest is the river. Well, (os)Wald is German for […]

  • Hello All. Nice forums you have here.

    I’m wondering if Clara is a ghost or some sort of displaced consciousness. So far there have been more than a few pointed references:

    1. At the end of the Snowmen in […]

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