• thane16 replied to the topic The Witchfinders


    I’m not sure.

    But I actually think three “f” over 19 words isn’t sufficient for alliteration?

    Paragraphing is your friend, Paul, especially during persuasive writing: which it was.

    Nice to read your opinion.


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    I was a little disappointed at the lack of historical accuracy in this episode. In reality, there were as many men were persecuted for witchcraft as women,

    Probably best not to start your critique of historical accuracy with a stonking great goof. We know how many people of either sex were persecuted for witchcraft, because they were…[Read more]

  • Miapatrick replied to the topic The Witchfinders

    @Paul in Europe between 75-85% of the people persecuted for witchcraft were women.

    In Early Stuart drama, Witches are overwhelmingly portrayed as women.