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    @FlirtingDinosaur  @JimboMcMaster    The thing about TARDIS physics is that the whole central premise is outside of the everyday physics that we (or I) understand. There was a wonderful, physical demonstration here of the hard-to-grasp fact that the inside of the TARDIS is essentially unconnected to the outside. It is a different dimension, and…[Read more]

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    @ReboStar I managed to rip the clip with the UFO in.

    I looked back on iPlayer, and the moment occurs at the 40 minutes 2 seconds mark. I wasn’t able to tell if it was a VFX shot or a plane in the background. It seemed to move faster than a plane!

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    @rebostar some people get funny about vents.  It’s funny that we thought the same thing.  My eleven year old daughter loves Capaldi, thinks he is much like Baker.

    Clara is better this year than in the past.  So much so that I wonder why I don’t like her.  Maybe it’s the whole Danny thing.

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    @ReboStar  Bingo!  Capaldi can hold the show, let him.  Even the camera angles put him off to the side much more often than in the past.