• @Gwladys24     I’d say it’s more relevant to his future story than his backstory.  🙂

    @GreyhoundJon    Fabulous first post! I lurked for months before summoning the courage to post. I’m not much for online posting as the level of debate (if it can be called that) in most places is absolutely appalling. People can be so very nasty and dismi…[Read more]

  • From my own point of view, I have to say that while I’ve not been one of those banging the drum for a female Doctor, I have no inherent problem with it. Whether or not the actor in question is the right choice, only time will tell. Not everyone will be pleased, but we can’t really know until we see some action. Personally, I have loved Capaldi i…[Read more]

  • Love the tweets. Nice to hear the positive words from former Doctors, and the look on that little girl’s face just made my morning. Here’s another:


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    @Serahni     You’ve pretty much nailed down a lot of my feelings about the Rose arc. I loved her (most of the time) with 9, less so with 10, although there were plenty of times in Series 2 that I really enjoyed her. I also agree with those who suggest that what made it hardest to take was the post-Rose period. RTD really didn’t want to let her go…[Read more]

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    I see I have lots of catching up to do around here!  🙂

    Right now, just a quick “Hey it’s summer!” to all members in the northern hemisphere. I’ve sort of got the garden organized (it was a wet, wet spring), and loving eating outside despite the ants and so on. I love summer. My clematis is about to turn majorly purple, and the olive tree is gr…[Read more]

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    @tardigrade       At the very least, Moffat has to leave a window open for the Master’s return, future writers wouldn’t thank him for writing the character out irrevocably (although, as we’ve learned over time, nothing in DW is irrevocable!). I think Missy did hand something off to the Doctor, I wondered at the time what it was.

    I’m hoping that…[Read more]

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    @bluesqueakpip   Great comment!

    I see a lot of people assuming a two-doctor story for Christmas. I don’t know if this is based on rumours/leaks, as I have been trying to avoid spoilers as much as possible. But from a non-knowledge POV, I’m not convinced that the First Doctor’s involvement will necessarily run through the entire episode. But I’m…[Read more]

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    In my opinion, fabulous. I loved the tone. I loved the Master/Missy interplay. I remember feeling hints of what the Simm master could have been, if he hadn’t been written so over-the-top. This was it, just really good. The Master as the ultimate narcissist. Of course, the Doctor’s wonderful speech “explaining himself” to the Master. Pearl…[Read more]

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    Oh, and Michelle Gomez just kicked a** in this. I’ve never loved her more!

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    Holy… crap.

    I was enjoying this to pieces, and with the line “It took me awhile to work out who you were…”, well, I lost it. I felt like I was the one with the exploding cyber-heart. So beautifully put together, balance of suspense and humour, the visuals, the soundtrack. The reveal was so fabulously done that even knowing what was coming, it w…[Read more]

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    @thane15   @janetteB   I was poised to pop in last evening, cocktail in hand, and then realized that everyone was talking about the latest episode which I hadn’t yet seen! So I fled the area, trying desperately to avoid spoilers.

    Thanks on Arbutus Jr.’s behalf and my own for your wishes (and for Puro’s delightful track on the music thread). I d…[Read more]

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    It’s worse than jazz.


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    This has to be my favourite of the series. The setting, the setup, the soundtrack, the return of the “uniting against a common enemy” theme. And then the last ten minutes nailed it for me. I’ll have to watch it again before I can be more coherent, but I loved this.

  • Hi, @Thane15/Puro.   Very far behind indeed on responding to your thoughts here. Arbutus Jr. graduated high school this week and it’s been all-absorbing. I had a chance to watch Lie of the Land last week but no more than that, so I’m just getting caught up now.

    My thoughts about the soundtrack were that it was beautifully understated and ther…[Read more]

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    I enjoyed this. We’re now right back to the feeling that we were getting pre the Monk trilogy, that lovely old-school-Who feel. Partly due to the presence of the Ice Warriors, but also the straightforward, simple, but emotive characterizations of the supporting characters— our “cowardly” leader who redeemed himself, our blustering, militar…[Read more]

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    @Whisht    Holy crap.  🙂

    The question was certainly tongue-in-cheek; I hardly expected such a nuanced response! My son has taken to asking this question whenever he meets an Arsenal supporter (he isn’t one himself, so his interest is more academic, but he follows the sport pretty closely). But at this point, after having won the FA Cup, I’d ha…[Read more]

  • @Whisht     Arbutus Jr. follows the British and European football fairly closely, so I hear a fair amount more than I would have in times past. Having interpreted your words and extrapolated things from them, I think Arbutus Jr. would ask you this question: “Are you Wenger-in or Wenger-out?”  🙂

  • Before I get going, can I beg people not to keep referring to the “next time” clips which not everyone has seen? I believe those are considered spoilers on the episode forums (I certainly consider them as such).

    @ichabod @tardigrade (and anyone else who mentioned this)  Agree about the aliens’ notion of love and consent. It occurred to me on sec…[Read more]

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    @FatManInABox (aka FatVanWinkleInASofa) In our sofa, you could have lived for a year on the corn chip crumbs and beer nuts left behind by Arbutus Jr. Good to see you you survived.

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