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    No idea about who it might be but after the inspired choices of Tennant and Smith I’m confident that the choice will be unexpected, relatively little known and surprisingly brilliant. However I do think that Matt […]

  • @bluesqueakpip – I think you make some good points about the girls thinking they can’t be the doctor and so don’t play with the figures (dolls!!) as much. But if, as you say, the long introduction of the female […]

  • @shazzbot – yes but I was too late for my previous post – arghhh!!

    I do love an edit function, and spellcheck!!

  • Oh dear, and I teach children how to spell, in my defence it’s late.

    Don’t tell Gove he’ll quote me in a speech

  • @shazzbot – I would hope that a female Doctor would increase young femail viewers, there is a market for shows with strong female leads – The Hunger Games come to mind – and girls are increasingly engaged with […]

  • @davemorris316 I don’t see the suits at the BBC allowing for a femail doctor for financial reasons – and I say the following as a girl who likes handbags and Doctor Who, so don’t shoot me but…

    I teach 7/8 […]

  • I really liked it and was so glad when Jenny came back to life. Can’t wait for November and feel the need to do a complete nu-who rewatch in preparation for the 50th (never watched any old episodes).

    @shazzbot <a href='http://www.thedoctorwhoforum.com/members/scaryb/&#039; […]

  • @haveyoufedthefish -maybe they’ll save this for a cbeebies animated spinoff – minus the cigar!!

  • So…bonkers theory…

    In the season finale does River turn up with a baby, they need the name of the doctor to name the baby. Then river dumps baby with dad to run off and do whatever she was doing when she […]

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  • I really liked this, even though I watched it in two parts, with a few vodka filled hours in the middle. (Very inconsiderate friends having parties on a Saturday evening!!!!) I will have to rewatch this tomorrow […]

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    In The bells of Saint John Clara tells one of the children that “Chapter 11 is the best ..it will make you cry” and in this talks about the 11th worst whiskey ever invented. Another reference to the […]

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    I’ve been a long time reader of the Guardian blog but never posted, however nobody seems to have picked up on the colour of the two balloons used to demonstrate the two universes.

    Did any one else think of bow […]

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