• Somehow, I have the idea this was written well in advance of July 16th

  • Being a crusader is not a bad thing either, but their are times when it takes as much courage to not do something. When you draw your sword, you have to concider who you are killing as well as who you are allowing to live.

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    Thanks, I’ve only had this account for 1 day still learning the site. I’m going into hospital for a few days I’ll check in on other side. Sorry I wasn’t clear eariler.

  • Another question if you asked any body who Jodie Whittaker a week ago, you would have most likely would have had to list some things she was in to help them remember. Ask today every one will say She’s the first Female Doctor Who or depending who you ask She’s the women that we’ll kill The Doctor. Jodie today can’t answer her phone, has no more…[Read more]

  • I believe I have been misunderstood, it’s not about talent or work. Most all actors that have played the Doctor will be Doctor Who #whatever. Let’s take the ones mentioned any one seeing Broadchurch Fright Night or even Goblet of Fire, the reaction will be, didn’t he play Doctor Who? Ask anyone who is Matt Smith, what do you think the answer will…[Read more]

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    I believe this will effect Jodie Whittaker’s career negatively , because most every actor who has played the Doctor has spent their career being Doctor Who # whatever. She will also have to deal an entire season scripts constantly pointing out that the Doctor is now a woman and explaining any recurring characters why. Hopefully she’ll get a…[Read more]

  • That is not a reason, that’s the truth. So let’s stop calling Chris things like brave,groundbreaking, innovative, brilliant, social activist . He’s just a new boss who wants to prove he’s now in charge. He doesn’t care if there is a woman Doctor or not, he does t care about the fans that made this opportunity possible, he wants to make sure he the…[Read more]

  • Unfortunate that Jodie Whittaker has been chosen to sacrifice her career so Chris Chibnall can make a empty social commentary 20 years late, he’s trying to right a wrong that has never existed here by pulling a stunt that has never worked before. It’s weak and worse he’s using Jodie as a human shield.if this is a success He’s brilliant, if it…[Read more]

  • No one has stated one good reason for this decision or even a reason.

    I don’t count It’s about time, it’s brave, breaking the glass ceiling, girls need a positive role model

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