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    shashank @replies

    thanks all, for the different versions for my ‘why is capaldi there?’ .. im a little better now ūüėõ –
    here’s some thoughts on other stuff
    **the presence of amelia pond – it makes complete sense for her to be there! yes there is the part about the first face thing. but think about how much this companion affected the doctor as well. to list –

    technically – ‘Fails’ or is unable to save or retrieve her daughter. the same daughter who is used as a weapon against the doctor – but saves her later when she is a grown woman. Marries amy’s daughter, who becomes the most important person to ‘this’ face (he tells her his name).
    Amelia is his mother in law.
    At least in Moffat’s version – Amy is the only girl he is unable to ‘save’ ¬†or is the only companion who left HIM than the other way around. Amy’s *ending* is something he witnessed (forced). And we know how he hates endings, yet he couldnt do anything about it. .. ‘raggedy man – *goodbye*.’ ¬† ¬†….(we wont ever see each other again) consider his regret, and just the pure want to see her – which is why he imagines her to be his side.

    and her saying ‘raggedy man – goodnight..’ ¬†was just .. too much in that moment for me.
    and they had to add the bow tie .. why not just have him suit up like he usually does (lets kill hitler??)… that would have really done it.. maybe add something like “i hope he still likes my fez”..

    capaldi in the day of the doctor
    it does make sense if the doctor(s) wasn’t aware of the count, and only the time lords could see the actual number of TARDISes .. but, seems highly odd for an extra TARDIS to be flying around in sync and unnoticed by 12 other doctors. but, something happened.. im going to take the timey wimey memory lapse for the time being.


    the doctor has had amnesia before- after he regenerates. various reasons. but all pointing towards a bad management of the regen energy – .. the energy can be used destructively or can be controlled – we know that – and he blew up a dalek mother ship with this one. (that was quite rash) – so im thinking his temporary memory loss/ amnesia is just a part of that

    OR, just because maybe this new doctor (first face thing) has a stronger or will have a stronger attachment to Clara – and since Clara pretty much has saved the doctor countless times, in all his lives, and proven (to me atleast) to be just extra-ordinary.
    because come to think of it – Clara has successfully gained knowledge about the doctor no one has or a few people have- and has forgotten all about it due to the timey wimey stuff, and also due to the doctor erasing her memory. ¬†I mean, she’s forgotten more about the doctor than anyone will ever know. (Very well written companion)

    He just wants her to be able to fly the Tardis, and he will teach her that .. right now..( and she also has a fun fiesty relationship with the TARDIS -minisode).

    Trenzalore – I dont see why this is invalid or has to change ¬†– the doctor knows it’s his timeline, but he can’t see the *end* – he knows it’s going to be his grave (fixed point), but it doesn’t make it ‘this face’s’ grave. the doctor will still die one day, maybe he comes back to christmas – the only place he stayed (yet). Seems fitting. The grave of a warrior at his ‘home’ or on his greatest battlefield. 500 years.. that’s quite a war. (the pandorica is a part of this war I believe)

    phew.. thanks for reading :] i love the conversation here

    shashank @replies

    hi guys, awesome episode, and now  cant wait for season 8.. BUT before that..
    here’s is what’s bothering me the most from the last TWO of three of matt’s swan song. ¬†(most other things little bits and pieces, ¬†there can be loopholes and plots – and i’d rather be amazed..but)
    *skip to last para for short version*

    This one tiny little bit of info – i can not seem to dissolve* ..
    in the 50th, there were 13th doctors. and those eyebrows.. oh those brows… pure enigma…

    though, in the christmas special, there are several instances where matt is convinced that he is the last doctor, and that ‘this’ grave is for ‘this’ face. he knows he will eventually end up in trenzalore, but he is convinced that this is his last face.
    and that he can’t do anything about the future.. because there aren’t any timelords anymore (stuck in another dimension yada yada – he has no idea that they can still help him).

    So in a way – at this point before midnight on this ‘christmas’ night, this 1500 year old.. or however old… doctor of ours is convinced that there are no more versions of him. and it is in less than an hour where he actually gets the power for and goes through ¬†another regeneration cycle.


    the tiny little hamsters in my head are just wondering – why are there 13 doctors helping save gallifrey. ¬†matt recruits all his past version BELIEVING that he was the last one. – and so goes back – ¬†so why is Capaldi there – why would matt’s doctor go forward in the future to get the next one??.

    AND if he does find out that he has another regen left in him during the 50th.. why is he so adamant about him not having any more lives/regens left in the christmas…??


    please mr moffat, dont hate me – i assure you, i have no list or diagrams. it’s not about who was first or last. its just that capaldi comes after matt. matt recruits everyone before him believing he was the last one.

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