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    Your post triggered a regeneration in my kitchen.

    My humble French Press was hit with a blinding flash of golden light.

    It’s now is a far more elegant “cafetiere.”

    The Melita pour over plastic filter holder, still mourning the loss of its beloved glass carafe due to an unfortunate stove top accident, is jealous.

    The teapots, cups,…[Read more]

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    @BadWolf1999, hi.  What do *you* think?  Please join in our discussion  by sharing your theories and the reasons why you’ve come to your conclusion(s).

    The scene between the two of them was, I believe, wasn’t intended to definitively establish who Baker was playing — curator, himself/fourth doctor in retirement, a aspect of the doctor from hi…[Read more]

  • @PhaseShift, thanks!

    *Way* past my bedtime, so just popping by this blog to give you big props for your Big Finish intro.  I was touched by McGann/Eight in the prequel, so getting folk’s input about the audio […]

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    :::waves excitedly at all the new avatars, lurkers-no-more and bonkers-theorists:::

    @Arbutus, wow.  I agree with @purofilion.  A splendid first post.  Please don’t wait a year until your next one!

    @TheMasterOfAllHeSurveys, you’re a Third Doctor fan?  Or a UNIT fan?  Or just a fan of the working class?  (If I can gently kid you with the last…[Read more]

  • :::waves hi @luxumbra:::


    @Bluesqueakpip beat me to the punch in responding to your question.

    Time travel would tend to make you laugh at times at how silly and off-base people’s theories and predictions can be, I think.

    What archeologist *wouldn’t* rather travel back in time to see how a society *really* lived rather than…[Read more]

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    @folks who live in or a lot closer to London than I do:

    Anyone seen David Tennant as Richard II during the Royal Shakespeare Company run at Stratford-on-Avon?  Any thoughts, impressions, critiques, general fan-squee-iness, interesting stories?  Anyone planning to see it when it starts at London’s Barbicon December 7?

    And is anyone planning to s…[Read more]

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    I thought I’d let all the Sondheim fans out there know about two things.  First, an excellent article by former New York Times theater critic Frank Rich about his thirty-or-forty-some years of acquaintanceship/friendship/mentor/mentee/creator&critic/interviewer&interviewee …relationship with Sondheim.   Much like HTPBDET’s memoirs of his li…[Read more]

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    @Shazzbot, how’s the panto construction coming?  Still got all your digits?  Hope these doors work better than the ones for the 1963 original Tardis (at least as they were depicted in the *excellent* docudrama “An Adventure in Space and Time”).  😉




  • Seconding @Craig‘s sense of awe at your brilliant work.  Track One, Track Two, Plot A, Plot B.  I wonder if Moffat stole the Tardis to jump ahead in time to get his hands on your diagrams and analysis.  Just […]

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    Jamie’s hair turns white after realizing he just accepted a drink from a Dalek-Cyberman Metacrisis.

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    “This little Doctor went to Trenzalore, this little Doctor stayed home …”

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    :::face palm:::

    Thanks for the big hint.

    SIDRAT is nothing more than:  The Awesome Result Due [to] Inverting Sentences,

    D’uh.  Perfectly clear.  Now.


    And a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful and compassionate post about our big and remarkably happy (all things considered) Whovian family.  On the who…[Read more]

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    I hope you read the post just above here in the way I intended it.  I don’t bear you any ill will (other than the fact that I’m jealous as all get out  — of your mastery of this big, big, big Whoiverse of facts and all that).

    My thought process was kinda like

    1. WOW!  OMG!  That’s some pretty serious theorizing.

    2.  I want to see…[Read more]

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    However (@Craig also here), this seems perfect for the blogs, if only so it can be seen all together. Any easy way to transfer?

    Seconding @WhoHar‘s suggestion.

    I don’t have the time ATM to read and follow the analysis in the posts which @DenValdron, @ScaryB, and @JimTheFish have made in the last day or so. I’d find it helpful to have this entire…[Read more]

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    In later regenerations, I become John Hurt. Or a naked civil servant. Or John Hurt playing a naked civil servant. Or was the naked civil servant playing John Hurt?

    Or were we all characters in a Kurosawa […]

  • @ScaryB

    Thank you.

    Does absinthe make two hearts fonder?

    Don’t worry about spoilers from me — the plot is perfectly predictable. Anybody could figure it out.

    with the canonization of the McGann Doctor, the Tardis starts to revert back through space and time to San Francisco, California on December 31, 1999.

    En route, it picks up a…[Read more]

  • @ScaryB, @Shazzbot, @BlueSqueakPip

    On behalf of a grateful nation, thank you for the Thanksgiving salutations.

    Shazzbot, remember that Southern California — and Texas — once were part of Mexico. BlueSqueakPip, you know so much about so many topics, but I’m not sure if national boundaries in 19th Century North America was a subject of your O…[Read more]

  • @Timeloop, @ScaryB, @OthersWhoWantToAvoidSpoilers:

    Don’t click.

    Don’t even click.

    Click and you’ve read.

    The words are fast, faster than you can believe. Do turn your back, do look away, and don’t click.

    I thought I was practicing safe browsing, but some text snuck up out of nowhere and met my eyeballs and now I’m infected with…[Read more]

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    Popping in briefly to say hi and thank you all for this great forum.

    I raised a glass to @HTPBDET at 11 a.m. PST, 9 p.m. GMT on Friday. And toasted the Asylum of Whovians at the Dean Swift, the dedicated live-blog hosts, our Emperor, the Time Lord moderators, insightful posters, loyal lurkers, and all the other fantastic forum folk. Not to…[Read more]

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    <waves hello>

    Been lurking recently, madly trying to keep up with the oncoming storm of all things Whovian, JFK retrospectives here in the states, and those things that insist on popping up in Real Life. (Don’t they know I have better things to do with my time?)

    I have synchronized my watch and clocks so I can lift a glass in tribute to our…[Read more]

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