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    Hey! It’s good to see you back on the Sofa or couch sprinkling all the gold & glittterrr.


    I haven’t watched the episode as yet and neither has mum -she’s doing OK but not last night so we are hoping the new DVD player has worked and taped it otherwise we will be watching it on the ABC on a tiny screen.

    @xad4 good to see you…[Read more]

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    @tardisblue  Anything beats the image of Trump in the Oval Office.

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    @TardisBlue     In my own writing at least, dangling participles are not a thing up with which I will put.   🙂   Although I am something of a grammar geek, I do try to be more chatty than not on the forums, so as not to come off as though my nose is too high in the air. But there are some fabulous writers hanging around here, and they make me…[Read more]

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    Puro: not to worry. I had a ‘reading things literally’ moment and missed the smiley.


    So they bought this “yuppie” small house on a small block with a courtyard garden and then less than a year later, Young Ilion (me!) was born.

    Good for you. 😉 May you always turn up when least expected and most wanted.

    And, as @TardisBl…[Read more]

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    So nice to see you, @puroandson, what a good idea, and a great opportunity to draw llion into the dark world of bonkers theorising…

    and kudos to @tardisblue, the doctor has indeed played a part in the creation of a hybrid.

    (boy)llion can have a drink if he orders something to eat, surely? just keep away from the finger foods…

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    Welcome back, Puro, and welcome to Ilion. I like @tardisblue ‘s thought that you are our first hybrid member. Quite an honour!

    I’m glad you are feeling able to join us again, Puro. I look forward to reading your posts, as ever. And Ilion, I look forward to reading your thoughts too.

    Surely the boy Ilion can have a shandy, at…[Read more]

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    @puroandson     Well, where would we be if we couldn’t laugh? I’m laughing right now at @TardisBlue‘s typo about “a gentile hug”. 🙂 I guess mine would be a gentile hug as well! But bonus points for the hybrid reference.

    I don’t LOL but I do OMG occasionally. And I definitely watch every episode twice, once to suck it in a kind of joyful haz…[Read more]

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    As we continue our look at Peter Davison this weekend with the second short two-parter The Awakening, and dwelling on the short space of time before Series 8 starts in earnest, I’m afraid it’s time.

    Time for THE man, THE Myth, THE Legend, THE coat….THE Colin Baker. Yes, the fervent wish of posters such as @TardisBlue, @MonochromeDimension, @marinu…[Read more]

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    Hey, don’t let anyone put you off your intro to Colin.

    I always think it’s much fairer to let Colin put you off himself. 😉

    Only joking – some people really do like him, so what the hell. I have kept a note of those people who did ask for him to be featured though, and will be mentioning them in a post later, nearer to the date…[Read more]

  • @JimtheFish

    Actually I can’t take credit for this one (but I was in favour). Looking at my notes it was suggested we cover Quatermass by @TardisBlue and @bluesqueakpip initially, so I hope this mention will bring the series to @TardisBlue s attention.

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    @Blenkinsopthebrave and @TardisBlue

    The logic to the minisode – if Moffat had always planned to give the Doctor a new regeneration cycle in the 50th Anniversary year – is simple.

    The Eleventh Doctor thought he was going to be the last Doctor. Therefore, it had to be him who took River to the Singing Towers. He couldn’t leave it to a later…[Read more]

  • @TardisBlue

    Would have responded earlier, but have been travelling throught the polar vortex that is eastern Canada (no Ice Warriors or Yeti spotted).

    Yes, I do hope there is the possibility of a return for River. Admittedly, she was written by Moffat as part of 11’s story, and so there is a logic to the minisode of Night and the Doctor, but…[Read more]

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    Not a boy band/male model face, our Eleven.  But a wonderful face.  Used superbly by an imaginative and inspired actor.  Ave atqua vale, Matteaus.

    I love a little Latin!  🙂  Wonderful description of Matt Smith, here. I remember seeing the photos of him after he was cast, and thinking, “That is just the oddest looking man.” But you…[Read more]

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    @Bluesqueakpip @TardisBlue

    I’m sure the indigenous plantlife of Trenzalore is well adapted to short days! You can practically see it growing on front of your eyes in the minutes of daylight they have. Quite a tourist attraction. Well it was before the Church of the PF sealed it off.

    The citizens of Christmas also clearly have access to…[Read more]

  • Bluesqueakpip replied to the topic The Time of The Doctor


    The practical part of me was puzzled about how a basically agrarian colony, the town of Christmas and its environs, survived with such little light each day.

    Ummm… they’re mushroom farmers? Alien-fungi farmers?

    I can also imagine some alien variety of lichen adapting well to a brief burst of light. That would support animal life;…[Read more]

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    Well, I hope you enjoy the bit on Sapphire and Steel. @MiaPatrick asked for it to be included on the rewatch list as well.

    Just on Quatermass, I’d love to include something, but I’ve been grappling with how to do it. You can’t really overestimate it’s resonance and impact (not just in the UK – both Stephen King and John Carpenter…[Read more]

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    @TardisBlue – No worries and thanks!


    @Bluesqueakpip – yes, I read your blog. Thanks for your amazing analysis of Tasha flying the TARDIS and the D.E.M.


    @ScaryB – River does say that she was taught by the best, and the Doctor looks smug, but she then says that he wasn’t there that day. However, towards the end of ‘Let’s kill Hitler’ River…[Read more]

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    Ah @TardisBlue many thanks. I did, in fact, have REAL chicken soup tonight. Will hunt out some celery tomorrow. 😉

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    Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a lovely holiday.

    I was seeing horrific temps for parts of Canada, especially with windchill factored in.  B-r-r-r-r-r.  Even an Ice Warrior would be frozen without power and central heating.  Hope you’ve been spared ice storms and power lines going down.

    Yes, it has been nasty in much of the co…[Read more]

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    Happy New Year @TardisBlue – any bonkers resolutions?

    I should try and get some appropriate music on while I take down the xmas decorations later.

    It is today they come down isn’t it? It seems too soon!!

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