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    I loved the episode.


    Capaldi needs awards for this am slightly miffed that Clara’s death wasn’t actually the last of her and I’m a fan of hers


    Now to her diner tardis. ..The diner in season 6 is totally her tardis I’m calling it

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    Could she be the hybrid? I don’t think thus is the last we see of her

  • I absolutely loved this episode!


    Obviously if the doctor kills davros child that would throw up a lot of issues so doubt that will happen…If it does someone will need to create the daleks so I guess the doctor would have to do it


    As for Clara…wonder whether she is missy

  • so the main thing I’m getting from people’s comments us that the he and that creature are two different people? 

    I have a crazy theory that the he is the Vale yard and the creature is davros


    I know sounds crazy and I have no reason to suspect this other than somewhere in my head is screaming Vale yard. Of course there is the very real…[Read more]

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    Thanks I’ll head over now

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    Got a bonkers theory of my own…what if it’s on pink isn’t who he says he is?



    What if orson pink is actually Rupert (danny) pink??

    It exactly sure how that would work but something that has been going round my head


    Another one is what if handles is danny pink??

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  • Can you tell me where I can find out the spoiler please?

  • @bluesqueakpip and @devilishrobby

    i have a sneaky feeling they will be back but they won’t be good guys…I can’t explain why at the moment but it’s just a gut feeling I guess if they could send the energy through the crack why couldn’t they have just gone through the crack themselves? After trensalote obviously because it looked like they…[Read more]

  • @arbutus


    I’d also say that this forum people put their wild theories up and other members say whether they agree or disagree and give reason.


    to me, when we found out that the time war was gonna be in the 50th it was kind of obvious who hurt was.

    just a quick question though if gallifrey (I can’t remember how to spell it and I’ve just…[Read more]

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    i love the episode hush. The silence reminds me of the gentlemen kinda wondered if Moffat modelled them slightly on them?


    I also agree that a whole shed of worms would open if a once more with feeling dr who style happened.


    I also loved dawn’s story arc which started with the real me and Joyce’s ending story arc it was sad…[Read more]

  • @FiveRoundsRapid


    I completely agree with you I’m sick of people branding moffats writing as lazy and not having any specific reason other than they didn’t like the episodes. If you didn’t like them then just say and don’t blame it on him.


    also @d12345 tell me if Moffat hadn’t addressed all of the unanswered questions and tied all the loose…[Read more]

  • It would also have been cooler if he actually changed into capaldi at the clock tower and no in the tardis…

  • Also the voice saying doctor who I suspect is peter capaldi what do you guys think?

  • @Cath Annabel


    it probably isn’t the case but I highly suspect she knows Hun in some way  other than through clara

  • @craig


    i thoroughly enjoyed it especially when Clara was roping him in to help with the Christmas dinner. Although when her nan was talking bout her grandad to me it sounded like she was describing the doctor…


    im im glad I was right about the silence ending up being the good guys

  • Oh and sorry mr tennant but as mu h as your last performance was boss matt’s was well so much more granted I would’ve loved to if Seen your take on it


    long live 11! Long live Matt Smith! And long live the doctor!

  • @fatmaninabox and @everybody


    the most scary part for me well uncomfortable was Matt with no hair I was imploring him to put it back on!!


    so the silence was expected and were right

    interesting how they have changed the end part and I’m starting to think he has started anew completely zero

    If this is the wrong place to post it let me…[Read more]

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  • @fatmaninabox

    thanking you kindly sir! What story does the image tell you?



    please please please post a picture when they are done I’d love to see them! 😀

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