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    Best historical of New Who, to me. And not much more to say, really. Instant classic.

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    Tsuranga falls into the “silly monster” bag of episodes, with the Aliens in London two parter and Love and Monsters. Only that this time, I actually enjoyed it. Big surprise since I was ready to put it on the “I’ll skip them forever” list with the other two (and Misteryo), but, I’m glad I don’t have to.

    It was also the episode where I finally…[Read more]

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    I was very surprised with DW going this far with a historical episode. I was not really a fan of historical episodes, but, Rosa won me over. I have great hopes for historicals in this new era.  Not as perfect as Demons, but, I love how brave it was, and how good they treated the issue.

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    This was my favourite “first alien planet” episode (of New Who, at least). I really like Chibnall’s style for the show.  Also loved the location work in this episode. Fetl very “organic” compared to other planets of the show.

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