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    syzygy @thane16


    Hey, we’re in the Solitract!

    Erm, HOW do we get back?

    Hang on, tell me exactly how many eyes, teeth and arms you have, because you could be a PRETENDER! A sentient universe eating our actual universe and the two can’t co-exist. We’ll go all “kaleidoscope” with our hands.

    Test question: who SAID that? (I liked that description). Great episode. Spawn watched it twice. He also thought: Rectify.


    Craig @craig

    @pedant @thane16 Yeah, I had quite a few replies so went with a majority vote rather than a unanimous vote. Hope you don’t mind.



    Not at all. Am now admiring the skeleton.

    syzygy @thane16


    All good! Maybe you could cut off the seeoswald? The poster has no critical value beyond “this is rubbish!” and “rescue the show” and “they’ve gotten worse” which is kinda odd as the last episode was quite the attraction at the local philosophy club, apparently (I don’t darken their doors, not after I mis-translated Latin). Other than that, we ignore it, I think?  But she’s got form, as they say, in your neck of the woods. In ours, regardless of gender it’s: “what a WANKER!”  🙂

    @pedant The Vashta Nerada are chomping on our ghostly monument?



    syzygy @thane16


    Well, obviously “cutting off” people might be something Puro might like -but hardly necessary when, like the one she referred to above, do not make  ad hominin attacks -and they/she has not.  As for the other toxic one which led to removing that conversation -that was a really good decision Craig. It’s sad to do but at the same time  I think (hopefully) they might change their mind, feel embarrassed, and later, still see it’s there! This way, they get another chance to improve the way they engage with social media. I think we are all a bit different in front of a computer?

    Thane (sometimes I disagree with Mum!) 🙂


    Why is the Timeless Child never brought up again its like they could have had a good story arc but they didn’t. Like What gives.

    Anonymous @

    @rosasucksandsodoess11 – I’m wondering if this is something to be picked up next season?  Moffat sometimes went back to things two years later…

    TGSOE @tgsoe

    This was my favourite “first alien planet” episode (of New Who, at least). I really like Chibnall’s style for the show.  Also loved the location work in this episode. Fetl very “organic” compared to other planets of the show.

Viewing 8 posts - 201 through 208 (of 208 total)

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