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    Darth Valaryn @troygorsline


    I did not make that connection, but I did wonder if Pting was Stitch from the animated movie Lilo and Stitch

    ichabod @ichabod

    @troyorsline  I did wonder if Pting was Stitch

    Gargoyle Stitch; or Stitch mutated into something even meaner that Stitch-at-the-start.  Definite resemblance.

    ardaraith @ardaraith

    I’ve got nothing to add, except to say I am thoroughly enjoying this new era.  I like the storytelling and focus on relationships, each story offers learning opportunities,  and portrays problem solving through team-work.  It might lack the excessively complex inner show referencing of the Moffat era, which lent itself to theorizing, but I end each show with a smile on my face and a silly text to my daughter (the other Whovian in the house), so that’s a big plus in my book.

    nerys @nerys

    I’m really enjoying this new Doctor and her companions. For me, this season harks back to the David Tennant era (whimsy and adventure, but without the Rose angst). The Pting was cute enough to add a bit of humor, but without being Disney-cute … if that makes any sense.

    As much as I liked Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, I find Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor more relatable, somehow. And maybe some will consider her too human. Capaldi Doc certainly had an “alien” aspect, which might be more true to form, but occasionally left me feeling cold. I like how this Doctor connects with her companions, and also the other characters. In a world so in need of hope and encouragement, I’m glad that’s how this Doctor rolls!

    Azzitay @azzitay

    New Doc is OK … but dear Lord , who lets this Chibnall Guy write Stories ??

    Please get some decent Sci-Fi Writers … or at least bad Sci – Fi Writers .. anything but these last 2 Episode ****** (insert bad word here).

    Get even the baddest SciFi Writer there is , as long as hes a Dr.Who FAN … obviously Mr. Chibnall isnt.

    I read FANFICTION better than these last Episodes.



    Dr.Who FAN … obviously Mr. Chibnall isnt.

    Oh you were going so well(1) and then you demonstrated who very little you know.





    (1) For some values of “well”

    nerys @nerys

    @azzitay Who lets Chris Chibnall write Doctor Who stories? The same people who let him write Doctor Who stories prior to him becoming showrunner. I take it you don’t recall episodes like “The Hungry Earth”?

    swordwhale @swordwhale

    @troygorsline I also thought of Stitch… much of the P’Ting is a similar sort of indestructible potential weaponized creature… dangerously cute.

    I thoroughly enjoy everyone’s critiques of the show (I may learn something as a writer), but have to put in my vote for I LOVE THIS DOC AND THIS SHOW SO FAR!!!

    Sorry, not sorry about the stuck caps…


    syzygy @thane16

    Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Doctor Who’s first species of modern troll, the Pting: eating through wires and metal, never full, always hungry, never actually eating flesh but surviving on constituent computer parts and 0000s and 1000s. Looks like a toy but be aware of what it does…..

    When the Doctor looked at the antimatter machine and said, “I love this conceptually and ….actually,” that’s the way  Dad looks at Mum.

    Love 🙂    T16.

    Chiana @chiana

    I watched this episode last night and liked it better than the previous ones. I agree that the Pting was a bit too cute, it reminded me of a piglet and I do love little piggies! Was Chris Chibnall thinking of T’Pau when he came up with the name? I liked the way it was sent off into space quite happy.

    I noticed the less ostentatious use of the sonic without the big arm swing, much better! I also quite liked the idea with Yoss of men giving birth to boys and women giving birth to girls, but gave up trying to work out how that actually works biologically.

    It was a shame that Ronan was going to be de-commissioned, he would make a good companion at some point in the future, an unemotional character to contrast with the current Doc.

    Looks like we could be in for another pc episode next.





    Whisht @whisht

    Can’t remember now whether I’ve shared my thoughts on this one.
    It was kinda fun, again enjoyed Graham and Ryan and really hoping Yaz gets some focus in this week’s and beyond, as I think she’s a really good actress.

    Wasn’t sure about the Doctor getting called out for being selfish – felt odd. Sure the Doctor’s been selfish in the past but can’t remember being selfish with other people’s lives at stake, but maybe.

    Anyway as for the Pting – what made me smile was that after anyone mentioned its name, I just followed with “… Yang Kipperbang – uh


    Anonymous @

    I waited with bated breath for the new series; looking forward to a female Dr.

    Looking at the Episodes so far I am a bit depressed.

    While some of the story ideas are good the delivery does not work.

    Three key problems.

    1, Get rid of the tick list of issues to cover; far to many; and this is DR W. Who not a soap!

    2, Jodie is a proven good actor so why is she the same in all episodes!

    3. The three companions spend to much time just behind the DR.

    Female roles in the past episodes have been  so much stronger.  I think the current Dr should re-generate into Clara!




    ichabod @ichabod

    @BJT25  2, Jodie is a proven good actor so why is she the same in all episodes!

    That’s the writing: so far, it’s been pretty simplistic and shallow (compared with what we’ve become used to with Moffat, that is), but I’m hoping for better as the writers gain more confidence.

    Female roles in the past episodes have been so much stronger.  I think the current Dr should re-generate into Clara!

    Uh, oh.  Them’s fightin’ words in some parts of fandom . . . !


    Arbutus @arbutus

    I’m late to the party, but I loved this. It was set up as a stereotypical corridor-running, danger-on-a-spaceship story, but there was a great emotional payoff. My only real complaint was the creature. I wish it had looked a little less like Stitch! Although they might have been trying to emphasize that it wasn’t truly malevolent (although very, very dangerous).

    A few takeaways:

    We rejoin a fully-functioning Team TARDIS, as shown by the opening scene. Chibnall clearly understands, from back in the day when we had companion groups, that they work best when they are allowed to split up, and play different rolls as needed. Everyone had a job to do here.

    Once again, the guest characters were lovely. I know it could be argued that we don’t gets loads of depth, but I don’t see that there’s room for that in the confines of a single episode that also has to tell a story.

    I absolutely loved Ryan’s words of support to the childbearing character (I forget his name). The fact that nobody is truly ready to be a parent, you learn as you go no matter who you are, and that what matters most is being there.

    I enjoyed the general’s statement that having this critical illness did not fit with her personal narrative. That scene spoke loads, and all the dynamics of that group of relationships (including android consort) were beautifully done.

    There were further hints of a story arc, in the suggestions of dark times in the 65th century. I liked the light touch of the return to a universe in which the Doctor’s reputation might have preceded her.

    Turn The Clock @turntheclock

    Stitch is a Pixar character the writers of this series lack imagination. They have pervious material that they could expand on or dream works something up form themselves.

    RorySmith @rorysmith

    Just now watched this due to traveling. Despite many criticisms, I really liked this one. Lots of deep meaning and all in jeopardy from a gremlin. That is the creature most associated with aircraft failure in pop culture.



    Duh! Of course it’s a fucking gremlin. As old as WW2 but still alive and well in the Tsuranga belt.

    Anonymous @

    It’s a good old ‘base-under-seige’ episode with a monster terrorising the crew of a clinical spaceship. To me it has hints of “The Ark in Space”. The plot is also reminiscent of “Alien” (or are they the same thing?)

    @craig Very interesting….I saw it as a Twilight Zone/Bugs Bunny gremlin destroying the plane scenario myself, And i loved it.  Space Gremlins….definitely wouldnt want to come across a group of them in mating season in my ship. I was also thinking about its eating habits….would it be a threat to the TARDIS?

    Edit: Kinda wished i read through all the comments before posting this lol…@rorysmith and @pedant already on top of it

    TGSOE @tgsoe

    Tsuranga falls into the “silly monster” bag of episodes, with the Aliens in London two parter and Love and Monsters. Only that this time, I actually enjoyed it. Big surprise since I was ready to put it on the “I’ll skip them forever” list with the other two (and Misteryo), but, I’m glad I don’t have to.

    It was also the episode where I finally embraced Jodie as the Doctor. And the OST is glorious.

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