• @Bluesqueakpip @ThePapalMainframe @janetteB I would love to see or read a spin off of Amy and Rory in the 1930s.  What a great idea.

    Rory was always a nurse, except in his dream during ‘Amy’s Choice’ where he fancies himself a Doctor….with really bad hair.

  • @MarMar and @ThePapalMainframe. Rory was a nurse. The only promotion he receives is to be made a “permanent” as opposed to “on call”. I have never heard of a nurse being promoted to a doctor. I think a trip back to Uni, lots of study and exams would be required for that. I think the less illustrious position of nurse best fits Rory’s character. He…[Read more]

  • lisa replied to the topic Death in Heaven

    @ThePapalMainframe Ok so what if River Song was trying to find a way out of CAL?
    We saw that she sort of did so already once. I imagine that maybe since CAL is a
    kind of matrix and maybe River found a way to download herself from there into a clone.
    We have seen clone episodes before too. Perhaps we can imagine that River become Tasha
    Lem…[Read more]

  • ichabod replied to the topic Death in Heaven

    @ThePapalMainframe   Okaaayyyy . . . so . . . not really something to inquire about.  It’s a MaGuffin until the writers need it to be something else, at which point they’ll come up with, um, some more words . . .

    I’m a fan of mysterious thingies, so, not a problem.  Actually, kind of a criterion for sticking with the Doctor, come to think of it…[Read more]