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    @pedant  A Scottish band writing music for a French TV show 

    “Les Revenants” was so good that there was a US imitation of it (perfectly dreadful — ended up being all about the FBI), and there’s an Australian take on a similar idea called “Glitch” which I think I’ve recommended here before.

    @thane15  Puro — Duncan’s Escape: Finding Joy

    Ha!  So…[Read more]

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    @mudlark  Wheat and other cereal crops, like all grasses, are wind pollinated and require no intervention on the part of insects or micro robots

    Maybe this wheat has been engineered to be artificially pollinated because of some weird quirk in the weather patterns?  Or the vardies just like flying around and have made a job for themselves that…[Read more]

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    @pedant — Well, the combo of that photo with that headline really caught my attention!  Generally in the US we don’t let any dead people, doctors or not, perform any kind of surgery!

    It’s a grim matter, though.  I’ve seen several cases reported of immigrant families sending daughters back to their native country in order to get sliced up per…[Read more]

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    @redlemons  I found the previous episodes with Clara brooding

    Yes, they were.

    Terrible that I want my soul lifted by a fictional character? Maybe … In the Pilot I finally found him delightful. Now after Smile, I know I will miss him.

    Nothing terrible about that!  The Doctor is for everybody over-all (all, that is, TV watchers who love SF/F and…[Read more]

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    @thane15  You’re welcome, Puro — I have to say, I appreciate so much having this forum on which to think about these things “out loud”, and in such good company.  That’s made this stretch of DW (Moffat/Capaldi) especially rich for me (and, I think, for others — not just a fascinating series, but excellent conversation around it as well).

    And…[Read more]

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    @countscarlioni    there has been a reference to “promises” and Nardole referred to an “oath.” To whom or what has the Doctor made his promises/promise/oath? The being(s) in the vault (assuming there are beings in there)? To himself? To a Keeper of the Vault?

    Yeah!  How nice to have something to grab onto that *isn’t* “The Doctor is dying!”  What…[Read more]

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    @missrori    Perhaps he was thankful for something to keep him “grounded”,

    Maybe he has been, and felt that he needed a “resting life”.  And teaching in a university setting is a good way to be around young people and be useful to them without expectations of very close bonds developing to any individual.

    So along comes Bill . . . and all bets…[Read more]

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    @thane15   [of the writing in S8-9]  I think it has held up quite well, personally. It was certainly “dark” (Lordy, is that word overused!) but certainly, whilst I’ve adored The Pilot and Smile, my son, Thane is pining for Series 8 and in particular 9: his sadness is connected to a feeling that it will never reach those particular depths in…[Read more]

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    Got to it today, and “Smile” made me smile; I especially like that contrast, “Wet brain; dry brain”.

    I like Bill very much.  CapDoc’s comment, “No one’s ever looked at it like that before” is a summary of why she brings this fresh feeling to the show — she has an eye for practicality and a nice logical style of thinking, so she asks the…[Read more]

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    @janetteb   From the cited article:  Similarly the pronunciation of the letter “t” in words like metal is disappearing and is being replaced by glottal stops, in which a stop sound is made by rapidly closing the vocal cords. In this way, the word butter has ended up with a pronunciation like “bu’er”.

    Agh!  I hate it, hate it, hate it!  I do *not*…[Read more]

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    Hi, @zeyra — welcome to the Sofa (and the rest of the site too, of course)!  We’re always happy to have new voices.  I was never any good at math, and it’s only due to Miss Matske, of hallowed memory, who gave me an undeserved Pass in math (she knew I’d never get into college without a Scholarship and I wouldn’t get that with an average dragged…[Read more]

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    @thane15  Puro   Short baton wielding people are arrogant. For good reason.

    Love the mental image:  short, baton, trip wire.

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    @blenkinsopthebrave  The vault is in the basement, isn’t it?  They went outside the building with the Doctor’s office in it to reach the vault.  Universities in the States sometimes have whole mazes of service tunnels beneath the buildings on their campuses, which maintenance staff use to deal with plumbing, ventilation, heating, and cooling…[Read more]

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    It’s excellent — thanks so much for the link!  Did Moffat ever do stand-up comedy?  He’s amazing with the quick, clever, and funny retort (often a retort to what he himself just said).  Quick wits — damn it, he will be missed.  Some excellent questions from the audience, as well.

    One odd thing, though, and I wonder if anyone else felt this: I…[Read more]

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    @mudlark  @smallgreenplant

    [Bird on desk] could conceivably refer to the events of Face the Raven, and a missing second bird, Muninn, representing the memories that the Doctor has lost. Far fetched, but appealing.

    Very appealing.  As for munin’s return — that could be an interesting and affecting way to join this softer, warmer Doctor to his…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave  To bring it back to The Pilot, I think his Doctor in it was pitch perfect, and I am hoping very much that S10 will give us a memorable and absolutely unforgettable Doctor.

    Well, there we […]

  • @puro  again — There was almost no dignity to this new Doctor. And that affected us. It caused us to look away momentarily. The Doctor was now aching and destabilised and that mirrored the great shifts in […]

  • @puro   . . . end up with what we’ve always had: a Doctor fully formed before our eyes. There’s a place for that: you can see it in Mat Smith’s opening gambit with Moffat or in The Pilot but Deep Breath wasn’t […]

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    @mudlark  Doctor in his times has met Leonardo and Van Gogh, so perhaps he met Rembrandt also, and this portrait was the result of the encounter.

    You’ve made me realize suddenly that what I *really* want to see on that wall is a portrait by Rembrandt — of the Doctor, *this* Doctor, confronting the viewer as Rembrandt himself does in this…[Read more]

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    @jimthefish  I’m very much hoping that SM is planning a Writer’s Tale type book. I feel certain there would be very many interesting stories to hear from his tenure in the big seat.

    Oh, I second that — I’d love to see it happen!  But if so, I doubt it would be published for a long time — he has (I hope) a long writing career still ahead of him,…[Read more]

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