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    ToriJ @replies

    Thanks for the welcome, guys. Rings of Akhaten’s speech is another favorite. Matt has the best speeches.

    ToriJ @replies

    I had to watch it twice because I missed the beginning part of it and then missed how he got his new regeneration cycle because I had to run and get my Christmas dinner. SNOW ANGELS! I had to get that out of my system I love that scene.

    I thought it was great. All the references, tying up of loose ends, how they added the wig to the plot and how they made Matt look a little like Hartnell there when he looked older. I was afraid his regeneration was going to feel like a copy of Tennant’s but it turned out to be epic. Take THAT, Daleks! As usual I love his speeches: You want my life!? COME AND GET IT! I identified with his other speech right before his regeneration finished and loved how it vaguely referenced what I could imagine Matt felt about his role as The Doctor and then KIDNEYS! I don’t like the color.

    I want to know what colors they are and how he sees them. This is now the most important question in the universe.

    ToriJ @replies

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Well, I suppose it’s more of a Happy Kwanzaa/Boxing Day now depending on where you live. ToriJ’s the name, I’m from Kansas the sunflower state. Found this site via Google searching ‘Doctor Who Discussion Forum’ quite glad I’ve found it haven’t had many places to discuss Doctor Who except the occasional thread in other forum communities I frequent. I’ve been a fan since… a year as of next month, actually, but it feels like I’ve been a fan for a lot longer than that. The first Doctor Who related thing I saw was footage from Blink on YouTube and from there I watched some footage of Matt Smith in action and it was his speech during The Pandorica Opens that eventually got me to sit down to watch a full episode. Tuned in to The Eleventh Hour and never looked back since.

    Looking forward to the new year, mainly because I have a new spiffy Doctor Who calendar based off the first half of Series 7 I can’t wait to put up. Has a bunch of neat images in it I love, however I was born on the month of September so I wonder just what will be representing the month of my birth! *opens up calendar to see Weeping Angels* AHHHHHH! *drops calendar*

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)