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    Enjoyed it, JW very good, nice script, comic touches, BW good too . Good point about the Hartnell era and the relationship with the companions. Have to watch it again,  but good start . glad to be back on  the forum .

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    I Liked the episode a Lot. Great to see D B playing Hartnell, the episode was very fan orientated so how it went over with the general viewer is difficult to say, lovely performances from Gatiss and Pearl Mackie, i cant be the only one who wishes she was still around for the new  series. She is such an engaging actress. JW first few seconds were…[Read more]

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    one of my favourite episodes, pauline collins is very good in this, the pace of the episode is very good to.

    the effects are really   impressive to, the change into the wolf is amazing.

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    wolfweed thanks for posting that clip of capaldi and the young fan. very nice !

  • on the question of regenerations, i thought that the tennant regeneration back into himself using his hand wld be counted as another regeneration not the meta crisis doctor which came about with donnas help as the doctor did not use up any regeneration energy in the usual way ? as regards getting past the limit, i agree with others that the…[Read more]

  • im preety sure she says “the clock is striking twelves “. very intresting comments about the poetry etc. I think clara cld have some timelord aspect to her as in TDOTD she cliks her fingers and the tardis door […]

  • thanks for a grt post .

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    thats a fantastic pic wolfweed ! thanks for posting .

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    success finally managed to get a ticket ! good luck everyone else .

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    anybody else found the whole process of booking the day of the doctor cinema tickets a frustrating pointless excersice, even the day of the doctor website  hasnt been much use, typing in my address etc. ?

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    thanks for a grt and moving post. i also share some of the same feelings about the C Baker/Mcoy period as i fell out of love with the show at that time. since the shows come back i have enjoyed it as much if not […]

  • whoops  bluesqueakpip, sorry !

  • bluepipsqueak, so agree with yr comments about the guardian blog at the moment, well put ! And funny !

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