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    Could this be 5th dr, Peter Davisons era

    ‘4 to doomsday?


    Or do u mean recent series?

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    At the last episode i was thinking what has Mofffat done, have the master become a woman. But very very quickly i think she is fantastic. She is so evil and nasty, and probably a breath of fresh air for the show. Capaldi was fantastic- i did keep thinking he was going to go back in time right to the end
    and change all of the events so that danny…[Read more]

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    Hmm, dumb queston, but are all galifreyans
    Timelords.? I got the impression Classic series ‘Invasion of time’, no they are not.So Susan may not have 12 regens? Interesting theory
    though. Btw, I always thought Susan adopted
    or fostered by Dr (my own tneory why he left
    her on Earth)

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    Well, I must say I have been impressed with this website too and had fun having a trip down memory lane relating to various posts. Thanks everyone.

    My earliest memory of dr who would have been around the late 1970’s early 80’s, with Tom Baker at the helm. It used to be shown around tea time in Australia, and my parents and I would watch the news…[Read more]

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