• @whofangirl-73 I’m very open to a female Doctor, and thought it was an appropriate time for that casting to happen (even if I’m still apprehensive, by dint of not knowing Jodie Whittaker’s work). But if Benedict Cumberbatch had been available (and able to commit to more than one season), then, to my mind, he would trump literally anyone for the…[Read more]

  • @whofangirl-73: I predict she loses the sonic screwdriver. It’s too much a phallic symbol.  #5 (P.D.) burned his out, if I remember right, and never replaced it. But more importantly.. Can she play a guitar?  Oh and what will poor Strax say if he encounters the Doctor now?  “Boy! What did you do with the real doctor?!”

  • @jimthefish Yes got to applaud the announcement of a “female doctor” if the biggest objection is that it is “too PC”. This is one of those debates where it is the failings of the arguments against rather than those for that show that the matter in question is a good thing. There have been a couple of posters with actual arguments to support their…[Read more]

  • @antaus great list, but there is a fair amount on there you wouldn’t show to a young child. I love Alien and Terminator, but I wasn’t watching them when I was in primary school.

    @whofangirl-73 not all long term fans. I’ve been watching for as long as I can remember and I’m not going anywhere.

    The fanbase of just about everything is divided at…[Read more]

  • @whofangirl-73

    I agree with you.   It does feel like a gimmick !  The problem with gimmicks is that they

    feel contrived.   But I’ll still give it a fair shot and see what CC  does .

    Part of me says yeah ok………but

    I’m still mourning what this show has been and how a Doctor Jody is going to be changing things.

    Although its not even  exac…[Read more]

  • Ollie14 replied to the topic The Doctor Falls

    @whofangirl-73 Assuming heather has the ability to reshape atoms to remove Bill from Cyberman and into herself again?

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    Well, I’ve yet to rewatch any Baker episode (or any other Doctor from that era), so I can’t really judge the differences and tell which i prefer. But yes, like @whofangirl-73 says, the character of the Doctor gets you through even episodes that you don’t much like. And when it hits your (personal) nail, it’s just awesome!

  • @whofangirl-73

    How could I forget about morbius. The robots of death that’s another I can add. There’s so many I could go on for days.

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    @whofangirl-73  @janetteB   When Four regenerated into Five, I was shocked and quite unaccepting. I eventually came to appreciate Five, but he was so much “kinder and gentler” than the Doctor I was used to, that I was actually a bit relieved when C. Baker came on the scene! Watching overseas, I had no idea for years that he was so disliked. He was…[Read more]

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    this thread is fantastic!
    I just find it really interesting hearing other people’s stories in terms of Who, as its been such an influential show both at a cultural level (new words like “Dalek” and “Tardis”) as well as on a more personal level.

    Thanks for sharing @Belshazzar , @fuzeelogic , @GTBI @whofangirl-73 and @dont-blink-2 (and everyone else!)

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    @whofangirl-73 Not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords and it would seem that Susan is not a graduate of the Academy, presumably the criteria for a Time Lord so whether she can regenerate or not is an unknown and entirely up to the script writers. There was never any indication that she was adapted or fostered. Susan’s relationship was ambiguous in…[Read more]