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    <span class=”useratname”>@robsiehallert</span> – Fully agree in all you wrote, except for the new series with Whittaker at the helm (can’t stand it). But agree otherwise with your highs and lows.

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    Loved the Christmas Armistace. Loved the first Dr appearance. Great Christmas episiode. Loved seeing Bill and Narhal again. I didnt like Narhal in the beginning of the season but warmed to him quickly. Nice to see Bill again but also think it was best to leave her with her ‘ending’. Totally sad that Capaldi’s era has ended. His last season as the…[Read more]

  • I have posted my dissapointment in a previous couple of posts that a female is taking the lead of the Dr. I still feel this way and find it a huge gamble with the shows popularity. I do find however, with time, i am slowly warming to the idea. Slowly. It is still some months away until the regeneration. I will reserve any judgement until I see her…[Read more]

  • Well i too liked the Romana character, both 1 &2. I also think Romana softened as she liked the Drs lifestyle away from Gallifrey. Interesting. Still not convinced about a Female Dr, but you have raised some interesting points..

  • I am not warming to the idea of a female dr at all- HOWEVER there are certain species on Earth that do change  sex mid life. Could it be at mid life timelords change sex (like the Master). As some kind of menopause? Change of life?? Hmmm.

  • @genek1953.” But all things considered, if the sixth Doctor’s personality didn’t make me stop watching back in 1984, there’s probably nothing they can do with the 13th that will.”

    Ha ha that is so funny and so true! Yes, I kept watching too!

  • Who is SJW?

    I read your post @antaus and fully agree. And the one deleted.

    My ‘real life’ friends who happen to be women- half say great a woman as the Dr. The other half are saying its destroyed it for them. One said her family won’t be watching as husband and kids upset by it. It is just divisive of fandom. As a mother I also wonder how kids…[Read more]

  • Well I think new blood on here is good and you should feel free to voice your opinion. At the end of the day, we all love the show and don’t want it to be wrecked. Trying to staylopen minded

  • I will be watching the regeneration and will see how it goes. Do agree the show should not stagnate and a female dr allows for more storylines and different ones. Although isnt alot of that done already with Missy??

    IAM worried this is not a good way to go long term with the general viewing public. If producer gets it wrong….Been there before.…[Read more]

  • See how divisive it is on here already. Ratings of a tv show rely on casual viewers not just fans. I predict the show will have huge ratings to see the regeneration and then ratings will dwindle after that.  Capaldi’s season didnt rate that well (although truly great) and any dip in numbers is not good. hope I’m wrong but seen it before….

    Oh…[Read more]

  • I am not happy. Didn’t the BBC put out an official statement that Dr Who would only be a male? Only a month or 2 ago?? I too have been watching a very long time-over 30 years. I want a male dr. I think this move to a female dr, whilst for 5 mins gets lots of press for the show, won’t be good for the show long term. I am predicting next season to…[Read more]

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    And forgot to say I  loved Capaldis speech to the 2 masters. Capaldi was truly wonderful in this episode, as this entire series. Why does he need to leave the series again? I get so anxious everytime there is a new Dr….

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    I thought it was great. Loved how Bill saw herself as no different, yet everyone saw her as a cyberman. Bit frustrated by the extended regen, but look forward to Christmas and the firstDr. Loved the 2 masters. They were hilarious together. Both supurb acting. Bit perplexed by Heather and Bill last scene. Am thinking they are both gone now so not…[Read more]

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    OMG that was the best episode ever (or for a while). This season has been the best in ages and thinking how can they top that next week. Loved the slow unveil of the cyberman. Love how they looked like the originals. Loved how they came to be. Loved slow unveil of the master (love Gomez but also LOVE Sims master. Poor Bill. I do think its the end.…[Read more]

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    Loved your post TrillanWho.

    • I grew up with Tom Baker and 70-80’s who. It influenced my life too- It ignited a passion for science and I eompleted a Science degree. First novels I was engrossed in as a kid were Dr Whobooks. The music (80’stheme tune) I thought was the best and Iliked how it ended with an explosion at the end. I think the music…

    [Read more]

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    Greetings. My favourite  dr is Tom Baker, Genesis of the Daleks. New Series I like Matt Smith the best as he was born for the role. His character was perfectly suited. Felt the emotions with Rory and Amy leaving series (forgot episode name) and how Smiths dr told Rorys Dad in an earlier episode that nothing bad ever happens to his companions (yet…[Read more]

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    • Oh and add Brain of Morbius to the list! (P.s I love how the new Who have revisited the planet Karn from time to time.
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    Yes, whilst not a favourite story I do like this story. Loved Romanas pink jacket. Loved the line Tom Baker says about Daleks being supreme beings but cant climb stairs! Loved the stalemate with the Movellans and I remember Romana trapped and the Dr getting her out. Didnt like Romanas multiple regens. Overdone. Have you watched the first 2 or 3…[Read more]

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    Hey i’m from Adelaide :0)

    I have enjoyed reading all your posts. I posted here last year, but I remember watching endless repeats of 4th dr growing up on Aust ABC. I didnt know he regenerated or understood back then. just thought they changed actors :0) and I liked Davison..

    I had a giggle about Colin Baker. I watched faithfully thru that era of…[Read more]

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    I could be wrong, but dont think words ever repeated.
    <p style=”display: inline !important;”>I do think Tennants last story referred alot to ‘the end’, same sentiment. Which is why you think similar</p>
    <p style=”display: inline !important;”></p>
    <p style=”display: inline !important;”>??</p>

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