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    wolfweed @replies

    David Tennant can tell us nothing. He is being stalked by the BBC’s Celestial Intervention Agency though.

    wolfweed @replies
    wolfweed @replies

    David Tennant is on Jonathan Ross tonight. Will he be asked about reprising a certain role?

    wolfweed @replies

    There is a theory that there may be more than one ‘special’ after series 7 because the 7b finale will be episode 798. So will the episode on November 23rd be the 800th (after an ‘as yet unannounced’ special)?

    wolfweed @replies

    Hurrah! No clingfilm on my weetabix!

    Thanks @craig and @phaseshift  for your dedication. Very nice header may I say. How about a topic of the Legacy Box set which comes out on Monday?

    As for ‘Talons’, it can be watched (naughtily) on youtube here:

    Can’t create the spare 2hrs 16min required to watch it though…

    wolfweed @replies

    Sorry. Didn’t mean to sound negative about avatars. I’m very glad to have one at all.

    Dr Who homework? Why didn’t we get that at school?

    Yes, those forums/threads for the 7a eps are just waiting for fresh analysis.

    No reason not to have more for BBC3 repeats and Lost in Time or whatever.

    Will we be tissue-compressed-eliminated if we don’t do our homework, though?

    wolfweed @replies

    Perhaps the Dr has a limited edit function? Maybe he just licks a memory worm now & again?

    The only websites you frequent are all Dr Who related? Quick – delete your Browser History!

    wolfweed @replies

    Sorry. After trying ten or so avatars, I’ve returned to being a Wolfweed. On my browsers I look more like a defocused speck of cigarette ash though. Or a mouldy weetabix seen through clingfilm…

    Other Clara identity theories from elsewhere include Spatial Genetic Multiplicity, Boemina, Faction Paradox, a TARDIS (but not necessarily the TARDIS), the Universe (incarnate), the result of psychic pollen, Captain Jack in drag, a Ganger, Susan’s daughter, Braithwaite, The Master, The Rani, The Tesselector, Schroedinger’s Cat, Donna, a Computer Logic and Reasoning Android, an anagram(Arcadia/Cardinal/Rassilon/Osiran), The Red Guardian, and many more…

    wolfweed @replies

    Is Clara the spectre of the programming of the offspring of an automated laser monkey and an exploding fishfinger made of light and the soul of the TARDIS ; also niece of the Dr’s 2nd cousin twice removed; whilst possessed by all of the Old Great Ones & The Pantheon of Discord & the spirits of the Time Lords?

    wolfweed @replies

    So is Clara a  computer AI ghost, programmed to match other players in the game?

    Or perhaps a laser crystal recording (see Nightmare of Eden)?

    Light seems important this series (7). Flickering in all episodes. (See the flicker when the old Governess tries to break the shield as the Dr & Clara kiss – Does that count? ). Of course this theory will no doubt be shattered come April…

    wolfweed @replies

    The name Aria is an Italian baby name. In Italian the meaning of the name Aria is: Melody.

    Sorry – I put your pipe out again.

    So Clara is the forerunner to the Spectrum?

    Does she have 1 kb of memory and a touch-sensitive membrane?

    wolfweed @replies

    Existence can be unwritten…

    wolfweed @replies
    wolfweed @replies

    So Alice mirrors like a Looking-Glass? Also water (eg Rivers & Ponds) can reflect also. Is Dr 11 the Mad Hatter? What does it all mean?

    wolfweed @replies

    We know from Death of the Doctor that Ian & Barbara don’t age in 50 years, so we can assume that at some stage the Dr must go back for them…

    wolfweed @replies

    Is WOTAN coming back? Will he say ‘Dr Who is required’ through Wi-Fi?

    wolfweed @replies

    The unaccounted for voice that said ‘Silence will fall’ is obviously Emperor Palpatine cos that’s who it sounds like.

    Perhaps the Papal mainframe is Xoanan gone mad again?

    Is Clara a Data Ghost manifest in ‘the Flesh’, then?

    Will there ever be a ‘hard science’ explanation for the return of Rory & the Dr from unexistence  & obliteration (other than wedding rings, bow ties & braces help one remember them back)?

    If time becomes fixed once it’s written down, then I say….. ‘Some years later, after Dr Who’s best run ever, the new showrunner took over (once every loose end since series 5 had been explained)’.

    If Paul McGann returns for the anniversary, will his Dr’s human mother be mentioned & indeed rewritten? (Or has the mystery woman from The End of Time effectively done this?)


    ”Now he prefers isolation to the possibility of pain’s return. Kindly choose a word to indicate your understanding of this.”




    wolfweed @replies

    Thanks, Craig.

    wolfweed @replies

    Happy New year! I think that Blenkinsop may have it! On the full confidential for AGMGTW, Alex Kingston said something like: ‘Yes but who else was in the cot?’, whilst pulling a wry smile. Now there’s only incestual snogging to overcome… And why she keeps dying… And……

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