Crazy Captions 1



  1. Afterwards, Zog The Chaperone had the (irrelevant) pleasure of eating a carefully prepared meal, smelling a flower and watching a sunset…

  2. Elizabeth knew that one of her men was a crazed lunatic, an unhinged meglomaniac who would stop at nothing to conquer the world, with a cold, unfeeling heart. So detatched and emotionless that sometimes he was mistaken for a robot, so weird, alien and baffling in his behaviour and demeanour as to mistaken as a creature from another world, with its strange, baffling, outlandish appearance and monsterous garb. And Who can explain what’s going on with whatever’s on top of his head there?

    And the other was a cyberman.

  3. Strictly Come Dancing beats the ratings slump by introducing new judges this year.

  4. ‘Follow the Yellow-Brick Road … Follow the Yellow-Brick Road …’

    (The Doctor: ‘Don’t look at the Scarecrow – he just got blown into Cardiff Bay!’)

  5. The cyberman laughed inhumanly to itself. It know that sarah and the doctor had no idea that under the Mondas rules of hopscotch, stepping on a black hexagon lead to instant disintegration.

    That would teach her for pointing at his hips earlier and saying “I can see your balls, love”

  6. cyberlady “When I was a little girl I looked just like you”
    liz “Don’t worry dear, we’ll fix that”
    doctor “You what???”

  7. Once you realise that cyberladies are in fact the sex toy creation of notorious pimp, Tom “honey jive” Baker (seen here in all his street pimping finery) the handles attached to either side of the head suddenly make a horrific kind of sense…

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