• I have just visited my Uncle and he sends regards to all.
    Uncle says that he is with @wolfweed, @bluesqueakpip and @nick and that he thinks the face of Hurt has been manipulated for the policeman. To appear younger.
    He agrees with Miss Bluesqueakpip that the “policeman” exchange with Amy in Eleventh Hour may be a clue hidden in plain sight. If the…[Read more]

  • Thank you Miss ScaryB and Miss janetteB


    I will tell Uncle.

    He will, I think, be interested that Miss ScaryB thinks the policemen could be Hartnell.

    I forgot to mention that Unlcle wondered whether the Policeman was meant to be a Zygon copy of the Hurt Dr.


    Thank you


    Mine HTPBDET(s)


  • Thank you Miss Shazzbot.

    I am confused though.

    Does this mean you think it is Hurt or that you don’t?

    Uncle is certain it is not the same policeman from Unearthly Child.

    He is also struck with how every Doctor and Companion is frozen in action – as if locked.

    He wonders if Hurt is there playing the Policman, what is he doing? Has he just…[Read more]

  • Mini-HTPBDET(s) here

    My Uncle wanted to know whether anyone else thought that John Hurt was the policeman at the very beginning of the trailer.

    He thinks it is Hurt.




  • Dear everyone


    Apologies for radio silence, but I have been mostly in hospital again over the last two months. No point in beating around the bush – open heart surgery, two rounds, from which I am […]

  • HTPBDET replied to the topic The Rose & Crown

    @TardisBlue @JanetteB @XAD4 @ScaryB @Craig @Shazzbot @all

    Thanks for the kind words ( and welcome @XAD4 ) – much appreciated.

    I have had a little setback with incompatible medication and thus have been […]

  • @Bluesqueakpip

    I never said that your theory was incompatible with a force controlling the TARDIS.

    I also don’t ignore information given in what you refer to as Act Two.

    Nothing you say proves any aspect […]

  • HTPBDET replied to the topic Companions past and present


    Interesting theory.

    Is there anything to support the notion that Dalek Clara survived the destruction of the Asylum?

    The constant references/allusions to Rose do seem to be leading […]

  • @Bluesqueakpip

    Are there rules in the real world about what does or does not constitute a time paradox?

    You may be approaching this from a scientific basis, wheras I am just thinking about it in terms of the […]

  • @Bluesqueakpip

    For my own part, I can’t see a difference based upon when X was born in the situation we are discussing.

    If Amy’s parents have been removed from the timeline by the Crack then she is a […]

  • HTPBDET replied to the topic General Films thread


    The Baker is the key to the whole show and the relationship between he and his wife a delicate, real one which sits in contrapuntal mode against the fairytale action.

    And he needs to sing […]

  • @Bluesqueakpip @Shazzbot

    I rather think I just take a default position of looking for the simplest explanation – and by that I don’t mean anything other than what seems clearest to me.

    The two things I […]

  • @Bluesqueakpip

    Okay – so you think the Doctor’s confinement might not be causative – but that the loss of the second progenuitor of River is?

    The Universe in that timeline ends because the River Paradox, […]

  • @Bluesqueakpip @PhaseShift

    Can I just ask if I have your theory about the TARDIS exploding correct?

    Is it this?:

    The TARDIS reacts to events occuring in the timeline in which the TARDIS is present. River […]

  • HTPBDET replied to the topic General Films thread

    @TardisBlue @Shazzbot

    Depp should be fine as the Wolf although he just won’t sing Hello Little Girl with the rapacious glee and dexterity it needs.

    Far more troubling, however, is Corden as the Baker. I […]

  • HTPBDET replied to the topic Ghost Light part 3


    Ghostlight leads into Curse of Fenric and, really, is at the heart of both what is good and bad about that era. So – an ideal choice methinks.

    Remembrance is great fun and an Anniversary story.

  • HTPBDET replied to the topic On the Sofa (part 2)


    Yes – that is all I meant. It was a small attempt to be humorous (at my own expense) but I did not mean to suggest anything about the Forum rules.


    Your enthusiasm and sheer glee is […]

  • HTPBDET replied to the topic On the Sofa (part 2)


    I think you can be either intrigued by Twin Dilemma or dead – actually, they may be the same state…

    Twin Dilemma is, to use a term with which I unintentionally offended @Phaseshift, a dog’s turd. […]

  • HTPBDET replied to the topic Companions past and present



    But lets not get ahead of ourselves…

  • HTPBDET replied to the topic On the Sofa (part 2)

    So pleased to see @Shazzbot back – so thank you to everyone, especially perhaps @Craig, for contributing to that welcome result.

    In other news, I have been released to Home care and the delight of my nephews, […]

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