Crazy Captions 39



  1. Deleted scene from The Snowmen:

    Quiet Brian – I’m all depressed. The Ponds are dead, the wife is Dead. This “Things can only get better” spiel is getting old.

  2. @timeloop – ‘spiel’ = tired old stereotypical words that have been repeated so often, they no longer have meaning.

    Like Professor Brian Cox’s old band, with their one-hit-wonder song ‘Things Can Only Get Better’.

  3. @Shazzbot I wish I had not googled that song… The recording I found was from 1994 – when I was four. Never heard it in my entire life (before).

    The first connection I have with Brian Cox is Scrubs. Sooo that got me confused for a second ;D

    Thanks @Shazzbot and @PhaseShift for teaching me something new.

    Spiel does actually mean game in German. So when Sherlock says “the game is on” you would translate it “Das Spiel hat begonnen.”

  4. “Do NOT put cumbersome labels on Sexy! You’re all grammarly wammerly, screechy speechy! She Is, therefore she Does, and all your consonants and syllables will only put us both to sleep!” – 11

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