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    Craig @craig

    Brave-ish Heart

    Brave-ish Heart

    April must face the terrifying consequences of her actions and confront Corakinus in his alien realm. Meanwhile, the invasion is overwhelming as the gang try to save Earth from extinction.

    tardigrade @tardigrade

    I thought this was a strong conclusion to the two-parter, with generally good performances throughout- probably the most consistent episode to date and a really good indication, I hope, that the series in finding its feet.

    A little more learnt about the Governors- specifically denied to be UNIT – maybe still earthly, but would seem to need at least access to alien tech / intelligence.

    It appears the Cabinet of Souls may not be a strictly one-use thing. It seems that The Governors believed that Charlie may have only needed to use one soul to banish the petals – which would have been worth telling him, as it may have made his decision a whole lot easier – he wouldn’t have been giving up all his people to take out the petals, unlike taking out the Shadow Kin. That isn’t certain though – the Governors’ knowledge of the cabinet seemed patchy.

    April is apparently still “king” of the Shadow Kin, but having broken the link to the Shadow Kin world, apparently can’t make use of this. Cutting off contact was probably a necessary thing though to protect Earth, and since she may have made a target of herself, since anyone who could defeat her in combat would apparently have a claim to the Shadow Kin crown. (And also pretty necessary from a plot perspective, as April can’t really have the Shadow Kin available to resolve any other threat)

    Corakinus seemed to lack the menace I’d expect in his own realm and the fight scene was a little static and low on energy- if I can be forgiven a Star Wars reference, it reminded me more of the broken Darth Vader vs ageing Obi Wan than the much more energetic fighting that was one of the (admittedly few) positives of the prequels. I’m naturally assuming that the BBC budget for a 45 minute TV episode would be comparable to that for a Star Wars movie 🙂

    Anonymous @

    @craig thank you for making a link and thread for this again! When you are busy with work and pre-Christmas. It’s not my favourite show by any means but there are some terrific elements to it that I enjoy and I am persisting


    LOL, yes, the budget would be SO huge, wouldn’t it? 🙂

    It seems like they did do quite a bit of CGI in these episodes about the Shadow Kin? I don’t mind rubber monsters but I think that most viewers wouldn’t like it!  🙂

    The puricle.


    Mudlark @mudlark

    This was, I thought, a great improvement on the preceding episodes: minimal gore and a much greater focus on the moral and existential issues, allowing us greater insight into the protagonists; and the resolution of the threat was very Doctorish.

    The Governors are, as I guessed, not from UNIT , but their origin remains a teasing mystery.  I still think that they could be a splinter off-shoot from Torchwood, with access to some of the resources and information but without direct knowledge or experience of the Doctor; but that may be  because I don’t really like the idea of a proliferation of anti-alien organisations on earth. But who nose 🙂

    I agree with you, @tardigrade , that the fight between April and Corakinus looked clumsy, but then how ‘real’ in a material sense are those scimitar weapons?  On earth April was able to summon them when she was channelling  Corakinus  and they appeared out of thin air, then disappeared again when the link was broken.  Furthermore, the Shadow Kin are just that, shadows; they can take form, but how much substance do they really have? Those which overwhelmed the petals looked like roiling smoke.  I got the impression that the fight with Corakinus was more like a battle of wills than a physical contest.

    My chief complaint is that I found it difficult to make out some of the dialogue, and I don’t think that it was my hearing at fault.  I shall have to watch it again with subtitles.


    EverUpwardReach is the name of the company running the school (thank you, subtitles).

    Anonymous @

    Upward Reach

    The words b4 that were “whenever Upward Reach …took”

    Titlers get paid very little $

    Anonymous @

    Shit sorry, you’re right

    As you are.

    Mudlark @mudlark

    @pedant @thane15

    Whatever the significance of EverUpwardReach, the hints as to their methods and possibly their real purpose are a trifle worrying.  The Head says that their purpose is ‘keeping [the school] safe, keeping it clear, keeping it ready’, and ignores Quill’s question ‘Ready for what’.  then she goes on to say  ‘… governments have a way of tripping over themselves, slightly too concerned with rights; it’s terribly inefficient’  She’s beginning to remind me of Madame Kovarian.

    Anonymous @

    DId anyone think it was a bit corny?

    I felt there was lots of cheese!

    “I need saving” “i’m lost”

    “then I’ll find you”

    and worst of all:

    They don’t know Frodo?

    I did a check with all my (dumb) soccer mates and every one knew who Frodo is.

    Are we better read? Or do we see more movies?

    But I’d give it a 5/10 -this episode. Mainly because of the cheese and the over-close ups and the knocking on the head of the red dress woman, who after coming back after concussion walks off totally normal.

    And I think people have mentioned before how Quill’s head thing reminds us of Spike’s ? When she slapped Charlie (I don’t like his hair or his Prince-thing) and Matteuz…not much background story there I’m afraid.

    I understand he’s Polish, his parents are religious and they threw him out and he now lives with Charlie/Quill and the Govs are fine with it. But what else? What are his likes and dislikes? Is he sporty, political, academic?

    Mmm. I’m just not loving it. But I shall persist. 🙂

    Only because of Tanya..and the weight of Ram’s dad’s acting  -he’s great and gives a good performance. April’s mum’s humour -“I’ll put that to the side” didn’t really land for me.

    tardigrade @tardigrade

    @thane15 DId anyone think it was a bit corny?

    I felt there was lots of cheese!

    “I need saving” “i’m lost”

    “then I’ll find you”

    and worst of all:

    They don’t know Frodo?

    Certainly some of the dialog between April and Ram could have been cut and not hurt the episode. I won’t blame the actors for any cheesiness though- the scriptwriter needs to own that.

    I didn’t see how Frodo could be treated as an obscure or dated reference either. It was an appropriate enough reference to make- it’s already been noted that the Shadow realm is Mordor(ish).

    … and the knocking on the head of the red dress woman, who after coming back after concussion walks off totally normal.

    Don’t you know that a blow to the head knocks you out for a few minutes, then you get up and go about your life, like nothing has happened (unless you have amnesia, which will spontaneously resolve some time later)? That’s what fiction has taught me. 🙂

    Anonymous @


    LOL! yes, agreed. Spontaneous Amnesia as well as very little blood.

    Mind you, fiction hasn’t taught me much because as Mum has said “you don’t read enough son.”

    I have to agree with her there, because I don’t. I hope an urge to read will happen -just like an urge to watch really good telly and not rubbish. My class mates (I had morning classes today and I’m back to study during the afternoon -us football kids have to go away late next week and we’re being allowed to study to hand in all our assignments three weeks before everybody else. Yay! ….Not) are amazed that I really like George Gently.

    It’s one of my favourite shows as is Foyle’s War and the series Hornblower which I started to watch at age seven.

    Very brutal I found but then me mates watch The Walking Dead (which I’m no longer watching) and also Game of Thrones which MUm won’t let me watch and which, because of all the gore and sex, I really am not interested in although al ot of smart people say that it’s very very good so it’s just me -I don’t particularly  like horror/gore.

    I’m going to keep watching Class and am glad that we saw a bit about the Sheik religion?

    I know very little about it and I was really happy to hear that and notice that Ram’s role isn’t just
    “football icon and handsome character” 🙂

    I think April was good but everytime she choked or seemed to be choking it didn’t work well for me at all. I’m not sure why.

    I think Quill’s character was good in this episode -how she spoke from the heart about losing all her people.

    I do think that the “lonely hero” and the “I am Prince of all the Rhodian people” is a refrain I’m a bit tired of?

    Again, though, that’s just me. I’m maybe complaining too much about it?

    I DO really enjoy Tanya’s wonderful scientific ability to sort out problems and saying, at the end “I’m really glad Mum didn’t show up” was genuinely funny. She’s one character I really admire. She has her own problems as serious as April but she has an adult and mature way of coping and solving.

    I think Ram’s character really stepped up this week and I also enjoy Ram’s dad. He’s a strong persona on screen

    Mudlark @mudlark


    Yes, there was quite a strong whiff of cheese emanating from some of the dialogue.  On the other hand there were also some interesting ideas and promising developments in the narrative arc, plus the beginnings of a more subtle exploration and exposition of the characters and personalities of the protagonists, which is why I judged  it  a considerable improvement on previous episodes.  I think I must have a kind of filter in my brain which allows me to skim over cheese when the story itself is sufficiently strong to engage my interest and imagination, and Class may be getting to that point.

    In a show which has so far featured shadow monsters, a dragon which manifests itself as a tattoo, and carnivorous blossoms, you complain that Dorothea Ames’s miraculously rapid recovery from a blow to the head is unrealistic  😀  Have you considered that perhaps the lady is an alien 😉  Or maybe it was, as @tardigrade says, just another example of an action movie convention which we must try and overlook for now.

    Anonymous @

    The cheese put me right off. Come on honestly – they’re standing around in an alien underworld, their bodies have been tumulted through a rift in the fabric of the universe, they’re surrounded by alien horrendousness and they’re in the most danger they’ve ever been in. Eva.  Most humans’ minds would be imploding and/or they’d be in lizard-mind adrenaline mode. But these sassy youngsters have enough, well, sass,  to stand around for quite an extended period and discuss their ‘fillings’ for each other, right in the middle of it.  And the Shadowkin, of course don’t mind waiting around for the meaningful human dialogue to run its course.

    The highlight has to have been the ‘you keep my mother out of this, or I’ll ‘ave ya!’.

    I groaned quite a few times in this episode. But I’ll keep watching. For now.



    Sheik religion

    Sikh (from the Punjab region of India – monotheistic, but rejects notion that any one religion has a monopoly on truth). The turban is a key expression of male adherence, as is not cutting hair (in the UK turban wearers are one of very few groups to have exemption from motorcycle crash helmet laws).


    winston @winston

    I thought it was a little corny in parts but that didn’t put me off and I am still watching. Quill was very intense and I  understood her pain and her longing for revenge even if I don’t agree with her methods or tactics. Since I didn’t understand what the Shadow King was saying most of the time the scenes left me bemused and I must watch them with subtitles sometime. The kids are great and are stating to grow on me as are the parents. It is nice to see a show  with teens who have parents that are part of their lives as some  Y/A shows  the parents are no-where to be seen.

    Most of my days are spent in my garden surrounded by veggies and flowers and I will be keeping my eyes open for any pretty little pink flowers that just show up. Ouch!

    Anonymous @


    Ah, yes, thank you. On a fire right now -trying to put it out.

    Someone called me “arrogant”.

    Oops. That’s new.

    Watching it again there were some nice touches: April’s mother saying “I didn’t need you to fix me. I was never less”.

    Beautiful. The hug from behind by Matteuz to Charlie was really nice. The step back being almost like “hang on, he IS a prince and …well, that doesn’t matter”.

    The conversation between Dad and April.

    I do find her over wide eyes a bit …..overdone.

    Ah, school….:(


    OsdfFdsfg @osdffdsfg

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