• and they don’t travel back to a different planet from that of their origin

    That should, of course, read ‘ … and they do travel back …’ 😳

  • @Miapatrick

    I think quite possibly somewhere else.   This still means they’ve still majorly meddled with the time line to wipe out the human development of

    If that is the case, and they don’t travel back to a different planet from that of their origin and don’t thereby generate an alternative future for themselves, then I don’t see why they wo…[Read more]

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    Just in case there is anyone unaware of the context of the video I posted above, it is the finale of the concert Roy Orbison and Friends: a Black and White Night, an assembly of the great and the good which is well worth checking out.

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    Watching the Orange Aberration droning about his devotion to the environment at Davos whilst knowing how his administration (if it can be dignified with that term) has gutted the departments and legislative measures set in place to protect the health of the environment in the USA, that Tom Lehrer song was what came immediately to mind 🙁

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    As you are presumably aware how ancient I am it will probably not come as a surprise that the music which is most evocative for me is of the period roughly from the late 1950s to the early 1970s so, off the top of my head, including Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Dusty Springfield, the whole Folk revival scene, The Animals,The Kinks, The…[Read more]

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    The possibility that it involved some jiggery-pokery with time did flit across my mind but I dismissed it, perhaps over hastily, as a time-loop too far.  But then again,  why not give it a whirl.

    In a possible future or alternative time line, ape-descendants on or from earth discover the principles of time travel and d…[Read more]

  • @blenkinsopthebrave

    As I said, there is no reason that your theory shouldn’t be feasible in the Whoniverse 🙂  The temptation to nit-pick has, however, always been my fatal and irritating flaw 😈

    Consider me well and truly slapped down and contrite.

  • @blenkinsopthebrave

    It has just occurred to me that there may be another problem with your theory. It rather depends on when, exactly, the Time Lords originated, and that seems to be difficult to pin down given their ability to manipulate time once they achieved or acquired the technology.  Modern humans date back only a few tens of thousands of…[Read more]

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  • @blenkinsopthebrave

    What if the Time Lords stole the secret of time travel from humans, at a stage of development long preceding our understanding of Earth’s history?

    As a theory that is impressively bonkers and yet I could see it working in the Whoniverse. There is, however, a tiny problem from my professional point of view. History – i.e. the d…[Read more]

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    Thanks for that; it certainly succeeded in raising a smile, although it also has the disconcerting effect of assembling the word salad into something which seems to make sense.  Normally just the sound of *that* voice brings me out in a rash, and any attempt to parse what he says gives me a headache!

    As an aside, I like the moniker.…[Read more]

  • It is entertaining to speculate about historical persons who might have been influenced by time travellers from their futures. I particularly like the idea that Francis Bacon – the 13th century Franciscan friar aka Doctor Mirabilis, not the 17th century essayist – might have had such an encounter, he seems so much ahead of his time in his…[Read more]

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    Yes, mindwiping is a hugely problematic concept because it is an assault on the person at a very fundamental level, and the Doctor, as a moral being with high ideals, should be above that. But how many assaults on individuals or societies as a collective have been perpetrated ‘for your own good’ or ‘for t…[Read more]

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    Not to mention a pioneer PC operating system dubbed QDOS, bought for a song, which became the foundation of a multi-billion software empire 😉

  • @juniperfish

    A scavenger race like the Scythra are a bit of a puzzle, because surely, they’re intelligent, so why not tinker about the high-tech stuff they filch and figure some of it out? The tech they had which could disguise them as re-eyed humans was particularly impressive.

    But who’s to say whether that technology was not also ‘borrowed’ ?…[Read more]

  • This was certainly an improvement on last week’s episode, and it is good to see Tesla take centre stage, with references to pretty much every visionary project on which  he worked  – and mostly failed to profit from or even be given the credit for until long after his death. In that context the Niagara generator might seem a bit of an i…[Read more]

  • As I don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime and so didn’t watch Good Omens when first shown, it has been one of the more cheering discoveries of the post-Christmas season to find Good Omens being shown on BBC. Enough, along with the new series of Doctor Who of course,  to rouse me temporally from my seasonal dormouse syndrome torpor at any rate.

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    @thane16 @bluesqueakpip

    ‘Qu’ils mangent de la brioche’* certainly shouldn’t be attributed to Marie Antoinette, since it was originally quoted in the autobiography of Jean-Jacques Rousseau where it is attributed only to ‘a great princess’, and this was written before Marie Antoinette even arrived in France. It has been suggested that it was in…[Read more]

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    Meanwhile on this side of the Pond, with Brexit looming and our very own irresponsible mophead and his crew in charge, this comes to mind.

    Not that I dislike my home city (where, for what it’s worth, a clear majority voted to remain in the EU), but if I were younger and had the opportunity ….

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    Either way, as the slogan for a certain UK cell phone network proclaimed a few years ago, ‘The future’s bright, the future’s Orange’ , but I’m thinking heavily smoked glass rather than shades 🙂

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