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    @janetteB @winston and @JimTheFish have pretty much summed it up. Every actor has brought something different to the role and that fact, along with the vision of successive show runners and writers,  is how the show has managed to survive for so long – because it has evolved and expanded in scop0e.  There can be no universal ‘best’ D…[Read more]

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    There is also the problem that there you can’t guarantee that there will always be a sledgehammer to hand when you need  one, and a sledgehammer is a pretty cumbersome thing to carry around on the off chance that you might encounter a weeping angel.  You would also need safety goggles, because a stone chip in the eye would c…[Read more]

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    Strictly speaking, this is not Doctor Who news, but there is a Doctor Who connection. The first episode of a new drama, Collateral, airs next Monday on BBC2 and, according to the Radi0 Times (dead tree edition), it is a thriller which poses questions about the experience and treatment of migrants and immigrants in Britain. The writer is David Hare…[Read more]

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    Sad news indeed to read on waking.   A great writer who wrote with vision, clarity, depth and profound insight, and she wrote beautifully.

    I have loved her novels and writings since I first discovered The Left Hand of Darknessin the early 1970s and her books, which fill almost an entire shelf in my library, will continue to enrich my l…[Read more]

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    Sonic earrings?  We can only hope! The ultimate in cool, and so discreet 😉

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    @craig @wolfweed @JimTheFish

    When it comes to the ear rings, presumably the Tardis has the means to manufacture the requisite jewellery, but a sonic screwdriver or hi-tech Tardis intervention is not strictly necessary to account for the ear piercing; all that is needed is some kind of antiseptic to swab the ears, a sterile needle, something to…[Read more]

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    When I watched the episode it crossed my mind that Rusty must have been extremely fortunate to survive what seems to have been more that a billion years, given that most of his kind tended to end up as sentient mulch in the sewers. The artwork for his life support system reinforces the impression I had that there were faint echoes of Davros’s life…[Read more]

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    Many thanks for the pics, particularly of the production artwork. One of the secondary delights of Doctor Who, for me, is the design work down to the smallest particulars. Quite often I devote one viewing of an episode just to that aspect, so that I can pause the recording at frequent intervals just to examine and savour the details

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    @JimTheFish @wolfweed

    Seconded 🙂

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    As small a step as it was, the girls on the council estate where I grew up – few of whom would end up at the Girl’s Grammar – were given a role model in Sarah Jane and how sometimes it’s right to talk back to people.

    Agreed; I just wish that it could have been a larger step, for all concerned.

    My mother and one of her younger sisters…[Read more]

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    Not alien to me because  -see my post above – I lived through it, even if in a privileged position; and I don’t think the subject  was ‘over-egged’ exactly, just treated clumsily by people viewing the issue from a largely contemporary perspective.

    As for Jo Grant, she may have represented a slight advance in thinking, but she n…[Read more]

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    @thane16 @ichabod

    I may have been a bit harsh in my judgement, because it is difficult to convey to people who didn’t experience it how things were in the 1950s and 60s, and it was perhaps asking too much of a Christmas special to convey the difference between then and now with the subtlety it really requires.  What is today in the open,…[Read more]

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    On the issue of over-egging the sexism I thought it was ironic and necessary.

    I agree with everything you and @ichabod say about the importance of the issue, and that it was useful, in the context of this episode to illustrate the differences in attitude between the original Doctor and the Twelfth – who seems to have learned a lot from…[Read more]

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    I don’t think that I have ever come across the variety of pear you mention but I will look out for them, assuming that they are available in the UK.  The ones in my fruit bowl (actually an old brass preserving pan) at the moment are Conference, but I like most pears, including the ones my parents used to refer to as ‘slaverchops’, which…[Read more]

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    this time realized the connection with the truly brilliant 1945 film by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger “A Matter of Life and Death”

    Yes, that struck me, too; and the stairway in the Testimony looked like an overt reference, even though – unlike the stair to Heaven in that film – it wasn’t a moving escalator.

    My post yes…[Read more]

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    It is now 8.37 in the evening here, and those of you in the Antipodes will already have seen the New Year in some time ago, while those across the pond still have a while to wait.  I have already started on the champagne (solitary drinking, tut, tut!), so the pub seems the appropriate place to wish everyone on the D W Forum all the very best for…[Read more]

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    The trouble with arriving six days late at the party, when the discussion is far advanced and so much has been said and so eloquently, is that it is difficult to add anything original or to tag everyone whose comments have chimed with my views. The best I can do is to set down my initial thoughts and reactions from my own perspective, and to…[Read more]

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    Hi, everybody!

    Late to the party as so often, but it’s been a hectic albeit highly enjoyable week, spent in an atmosphere of familial harmony and goodwill but with little time for TV of my choice.  In the end I was able to watch Twice Upon a Time on Wednesday evening*, but there has been no opportunity to digest what I saw or reflect on my…[Read more]

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    Oh, lucky, lucky you!

    Sadly, I will not have the opportunity to see Twice Upon a Time until the 26th. My youngest brother and sister-in-law are staying with me at the moment, but on Christmas day itself we will all be travelling down to Suffolk to join my other brother and family, including niece, nephew and great niece, for a…[Read more]

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    @Bluesqueakpip , @whisht, @Wolfweed

    General Cutler is an idiot.

    He is all of that, but my first thought was that he is an example of a common – at the time – stereotype of the totally unimaginative and by-the-rule military officer who is so mentally and emotionally incapable of processing such a truly out of the ordinary experience as this that he…[Read more]

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