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    Nostalgia time ūüôā¬†¬† I have not only heard of Round the Horne, I recall it and its predecessor, Beyond Our Ken, with considerable fondness and I still find it funny, being old enough to get all the references.¬†It ran¬†1965-1968, although I listened¬†to it regularly only from 1966 onward when I was engaged in post grad research and¬†…[Read more]

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    Erratum:¬† Having just re-read my post above,¬†I see that¬†in my haste to hit ‘submit’¬†I failed¬†to spot the inadvertent and misleading omission of a couple of words.¬† It should have read … adaption of his and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens, since they were, of course, co-authors of the said work ūüė≥

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    Not exactly Doctor Who, but David Tennant is to star in Neil Gaiman’s adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s ‘Good Omens’

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  • @Craig

    If I can only find the time, I badly need to re-watch series 8 – 10, and no doubt I could even now review and evaluate¬†¬†Capaldi’s Doctor analytically and in detail; but that compilation brings home why, ¬†for me, after more than 50 years of watching on and off,¬†his incarnation of this mercurial, eccentric alien – erratic,¬†funny and at the…[Read more]

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    Your description of your reaction to the news made me smile.¬† Being less pessimistic than you I was half expecting it,¬†but before the announcement I would have said that I wasn’t greatly concerned either way¬†as long as the actor cast was up to the job¬†so, although I didn’t actually yell out loud, ¬†the rush and glow of satisfaction I felt…[Read more]

  • @Juniperfish

    triumphantly pulling out the packet of ginger nut biscuits from the back of the closet which she was looking for all along.

    Any Doctor who liked ginger nuts would have my unqualified approval from the off!

  • @GreyhoundJon

    May I echo @JimTheFish ‘s sentiments. Greetings, and welcome in from lurkerdom ūüôā¬† And there is no need to feel apologetic about the length of your post; it was excellent and well worth reading, and I agree wholeheartedly with¬† everything you say.

  • @janetteB

    I think that there will be record ratings this Christmas.

    You are almost certainly correct, and I suspect that for every viewer lost because they cannot get over their fixed views on gender and what constitutes masculinity and femininity, alien or otherwise, there will be others who reconnect or, indeed, connect for the first time.

    As…[Read more]

  • @Serahni¬†¬† Love it ūüėÄ

  • For those who have not yet seen it, there is an OP by Colin Baker ¬†on the Graun website and, as his earlier tweet indicated, he is among those delighted¬†by the casting of Whattaker.

  • Master: Is the future going to be all girl?

    Doctor: We can only hope.

    It surprises me a little that so many seem surprised at the casting of a woman as the Doctor. The possibility has been telegraphed fairly clearly and with increasing frequency over the past few years and, speaking for myself, I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Jodie…[Read more]

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    Add my congratulations to those already accumulated. Very best wishes for the double celebration!

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    ‘… but the Pork Pie Hat is bigger on the inside.’

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    ‘No, it’s *psychic* paper. Psychic paper is cool!’

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    The Master-Missy relationship is, I think, fairly straightforward – insofar as Moffat loops can ever be described as such. The indications in the text are that Simm-Master will regenerate into Missy and that she remembers enough to realise this. She claims to be a bit hazy about the details, but then she has never been particularly…[Read more]

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    I agree with @blenkinsopthebrave, that in the exchange between Bill and the Doctor the real meaning is in what is left unsaid but is understood, because in teaching/learning, travelling together and in peril of their lives,¬†with the Doctor¬†having risked his own for her,¬†they have come to know one another well.¬† What Bill says is only hal…[Read more]

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    re the dematerialisation circuit.  I have just watched that bit again and it looks as if I was mistaken and Missy does in fact produce the circuit from a pocket in her skirt and give it to Simm master.  If I had given more thought to the matter I would have realised by the end of the episode that this was the only logical explanation.

    If t…[Read more]

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    @Nick @wolfweed

    Missy grabbed the Master by the lapels and slammed him against a wall.¬† Her exact words then were, ‘A very long time ago a very scary lady threw me against a wall and made me promise always, always to carry a spare dematerialisation circuit.’¬†

    I thought she then picked his pocket to produce said spare¬†circuit and held it up in…[Read more]

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    I defer to your superior knowledge of BG Who. As I wrote earlier, I have never seen the episodes in which the Cybermen were first introduced, only clips and synopses.

    I was going on Bill’s reference to ‘programming’, but also¬†on something the Doctor said in World Enough and Time, when he first encountered Bill as cyberman without…[Read more]

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